Is it time?

Is it finally time to put our beliefs aside and determine what Gods true “Religion” is?

This booklet does just that, but you must determine for yourself what “Gods Religion” was and is…and listen… its life or death...


The author of this booklet, along with you, discovers what Gods true “Religion” was, up unto the time of Abraham, which has subsequently been passed on to us, and valid for today!

If you have never discovered this on your own, then you owe it to yourself to do so now, your eyes will be opened…

This booklet is a must for every truth seeker on every continent….


By Mosescats

Note: Please follow footnotes at the end of the book as you go for context.





The other day, on a university TV channel, I watched two sincere professors of religion discuss relations between the Muslims and the Jews, and how to achieve world peace in light of the USA’s involvement in the Middle East.


One conclusion was for both sides to go back to the unity that existed with Father Abraham  [the ancestral background where both Religions find common ground] and then; bring that unity forward to today, somehow then, although left unresolved in the conversation, this would bring peace between the two sides?


By the end of the conversation, as it was called, it became obvious; “just as there can be no real peace between the Democrat and Republican parties of the USA, because of popular demand”; there can be no peace in the Holy land as well, and for the same reason. 


So the debate moves on, into what? 


Who knows, but I believe there was a hint of a solution there in that dialog and I want to present it now for your awareness, and I’m going to attack it from a couple of viewpoints:


Viewpoint one:


As we observe the European Union; with  their economic strategies, which on the surface makes a lot of sense, and appears to be a step towards a common ground there in the old Roman arena. 


I say; “as we watch these nations and their hope for unity, what we don’t see happening, is a real congruency building in that reign of the world, at least one that will bring in the everlasting peace we hear so much about from this New World Order society.


Case in point; 


We all know by now that global terrorism is a growing and uncontrollable reality today, and this is of course one of the “forefront issues” of concern for the European Union, as well as the rest of the world.  This issue of terrorism then comes to the head of the Union, but no one can agree on who it would be who could head up an Intelligence Service that would represent the whole of the Union.  Each one saying, under their breath, “who can trust who” especially when it comes to Secrete Service, and who would really provide all their secretes “to the rest” for it to be successful in combating the common threat?

They are still working on this, and will be forever might I add;




Because it’s like still another simple example;

“How could any democratic country, and especially a dictatorship, allow UN troops to provide security in their own streets?”


“Wouldn’t that be like inviting a stranger into your house to discipline your children when they can’t even speak your language?  It just can’t work., won’t work, never has worked”.




Viewpoint two:


Since the Tower of Babel;

This has been the problem, and the problem of “globalization”, as the “one language” (i.e. World Order) concept, will only bring forth “another tower of unity” which will result, once again, in “religion” forgetting her roots, and once more, going in a direction opposite of God, and in so doing, becoming “the politics for the peace”. 


This then, is what brings us to the ultimate conclusion, in this trek for world peace, via a one World Order, influenced by religion, and that is; “without a singular God”, there can never be real and lasting peace, and, until the “mob mentality” gets this, it can never in a million years happen, Peace that is…


When we then consider the mob mentality, or paradoxically the opposite, a dictatorship, or in this case attempting to construct an acceptable  “Universal Religion”, implying a singular God, it’s all the same, it can never, never happen.


So it is here, in these few examples, we can see; there could never be peace again, and that’s why there is an end time scenario “in every religion”, whether it’s eternal death or eternal speculation, or all that every religion offers in the state of the art of those religions today.  Peace and unity between religions, between nations, between individuals is to no avail, and this then brings my call;


          “For those of all nations (you) who “will not” accept there

           is no hope for mankind; except that; we find “the one true

             God again of our past”.  “In a time before this whole

              separation between nations and religions took place;

            If, you can believe this, then this writing is for you, and;

          I will go off the deep end and say; “it’s also for those of you

          who think you see hope in mankind’s success in global peace;

                             but for you, it will be a wake up call.”


When we do find the true “Universal Religion”, and we will before this writing is through, we will also find; that in the end there can be no lasting peace on this earth, but only in the earth to come. 


So there, I’ve given you the punch line right here at first, but there is more……. 








Prerequisites for beginning this study:


Friends, those who know these historical truths, as handed down from the beginning, already knew there can be no peace, it was known long before Babel and Babylon, the first major world war that brought things to one head under only one godhead “Babylon – King Nebuchadnezzar”, but it wasn’t the “one God”, thus peace only lasted a short while. 


Peace never lasts, and they knew it long before Father Abraham, centuries before Buda and Christ, even before the universal flood.


Now, if you don’t know about that “world wide Flood”, or if you don’t believe in that “cataclysmic reality”, which eclipses all other world events of the past, then go on your own way, and loose out on this discussion of your past, and your future.  But be warned, no matter what religion you claim now, it will remain foul as you keep on searching for your delusion of true peace,


you will never see it.                                       ~










To begin our study, we are going to begin “at the beginning”, where else?  The beginning of the most ancient of documentations known to man, and once accepted by all the world[1], being the writings of God, beginning with the book “Genesis”, which means “beginning”, and from that starting point; we are going to “historically” come up “in time” to father Abraham and STOP; and then see what we have learned about God up to that point, “through the eyes of the fathers” yours and mine.  


           Just what was the religion up to the time of father Abraham 

                                             “for Gods people”?


I’m dismissing all you unbelievers in God, if you didn’t leave on the flood note, you need to leave at this point to go back and look under your rocks for your truths, your god; and the reason is; you just simply can’t understand what I’m going to talk about, wish you could, but you can’t.  That is, “Unless you want to of course”; and then you will see it’s so simple, and so logical in comparison to all the other fabrications you’ve accepted.


In fact, the truth of mankind is so simple that “every man, woman and child” no matter where they are on the face of this planet can understand it, no matter what their background, if given the opportunity.







Today, we look at the long list of genealogies in the ancient scriptures, and skip right past them, boring, yes it is true, but think about it; genealogy is really important, especially when it comes to religion, and if we really think about it, we will agree; in fact again, “that’s what it is all about” as you will see; 


We, who know and receive history, accept father Abraham, in that list of the ancient descendants[2], as “the father of our religion”, the “one true Gods religion” of course, just as we accept the account of a universal flood [which was a reality in just about all the language groups, except theory], thus;


“By so accepting Abraham as the father of our religion,

we are accepting then at least; all the genealogies back

to Adam given in the sacred Scriptures, the “Word of

God” handed down and kept sacred from creation;

What a thought!”


What’s that in your hand that has been preserved for thousands of years?


Some pick up a bone on the surface of the planet and say; “wow, I’m holding a million year old object” and get goose bumps, not realizing they are under a strong delusion of a theory taught by modern man post 1844 ad, which tells them nothing of their past much less their future.


While others hold a copy of the transcript (Sacred Scriptures) of our history, beginning at the point of creation 6004 BC, and get goose bumps realizing they hold the account of where we come from and where we are going!  


So, taking these transcripts as our prerequisite, let’s trace those genealogies, from the ancient scriptures, from the Genesis, right “up to” father Abraham and see from whence we come and what we truly are to become:


Today, as I began this little piece, there is a call form the peace seekers to go back to the time of father Abraham, a time when we were all in one in Spirit and mind, and bring that forward, and then magically, that will bring world peace and cause us to drop all of our prejudices.


But friend those prejudices are just too big, too deep, to ingrained, to ever overcome, no matter whom the peacemaker may be! 


Oh, someone may make it appear like peace has come but it will only be superficial.



And the players will die off..


Why superficial?


Because it is as impossible; for a leopard to change his spots, or the Ethiopian his color, than for true unity to exist, so we can’t go back to Abraham as our common ancestor and bring true peace or anything else forward!


Why again? 

Because that’s where things split, as far as religion goes, and where the problems began for religion; and “neither side will ever settle their right to the “birthright of the true religion”, and especially “the Holy land and;


The rights to it”, including the “Most Holy site on earth” for the people who claim the “one True God”.





A land however, that is not so Holy today, split right down the middle, and friends, if we go back to father Abrahams time, we will certainly find the reason;


According to the most authenticated and ancient of the Sacred scriptures, the Israelis or the Jewish descendents of Isaac, are the heirs to this land, according to Gods word, and no one else.  However, Ishmael and his descendents, (Arafat claimed this genealogy), Ishmael, of whom was the “first born” of Abraham also had rights as first born, and was promised by God to receive a seed for a great nation and power, however, sadly (because of genealogy) Ishmael was let go by God and apparently abandoned by our father Abraham.  Just read the history, it’s all there; don’t blame me I’m only quoting.  You may not want to accept it, just as I will not accept your version of the story, nor will the next guy accept mine, but we are talking about Gods version here, we must all except that?


While the facts speak for themselves and may be true, here is the problem technically; “it was the first born who was the rightful heir traditionally to the promises”, and we all know about tradition in these two religions, as far as in the flesh, as far as their genealogy is concerned, and it’s this “tradition” then that is causing the problems.


But friend; “God gets the last word in human affairs”,


No, let me restate that; “God is the last word in human affairs”! 


If not God, then; “who would be considered the last word today or even back then. The “traditional head of religion at the time, father Abraham”? 


Today I can tell you how it works in the flesh; it’s by tradition; It’s “the most politically powerful”, or the “most creditable”, or the “most religious or the one considered most sacred”, that’s who we would elect as having gods authority to usurp “tradition over Gods word”, and friend, that’s the rub that will never end, the wound that can never heal, for there are many who claim to speak for God, so who’s right and who’s wrong?


Well, this is why we need to know how “God Himself” has spoken in the past and not Abraham, or anyone after Abraham;


So this begs my original premise;


“What did God say before the time of father Abraham, before this whole controversy over true religion began, and has spawned into a thousand different voices, tongues, spirits, doctrines and especially traditions calling themselves a religion.”


What was then religion up to Abraham’s time?


This is the purpose of this writing, and folks; “it is then, only by establishing this, that we can come forward in time, not genealogically, but spiritually”, for despite popular beliefs, “True Religion is of God” and “is God”, and “God is a spirit and must be worshiped that way”.


The intent of this writing is then; to “expose who it is that worships God in vein” and “who it is that worships God in Truth”, for it is only the Truth that will lead us back to the Garden.



Rumor has it God lifted the Original Garden of Eden back to heaven?


Won’t it be something to gain access to it again?  For those, yes, who follow the truth will walk again in that garden, but to those who follow the lie; looking through those glass clear walls in that city wherein the Garden can be seen (New Jerusalem), but to them no entry will be made; that’s the hell of it my friend, “the hell fire” will be the merciful release.                                                                                  ~








There is one fact of life, no matter where you go in this world, and that is; “religion plays a part” someway or somehow.  Even in the agnostic countries (those who Deny God, gods) there still exists factions of religious people which have been influenced by one religion or another at some point in time, and that religion is still holding on.


Since our world is quickly moving towards a “one world order” as its called, or, what I like to call it is a “global awakening” by virtue of the information highways (e.g. Internet, www), religion, absolutely then, will just not go away, and I believe it will play an even more of a vital part in all societies to come, whether bad or good, whether you like it or not.



 A Shiite Muslim cutting his little baby…

A religious rite?  We don’t understand…


There was a time when eastern religions were not known to the western societies, or better stated, they were realized of course but nothing was really known about them.  Today, from our desk top, we can read and learn about any religion, from many different sources, we can even see what they have contributed to our global society, for any given year in recorded history, or, we can see what they haven’t contributed as far is that’s concerned - as the picture above depicts.


You see, in most countries you have a diversion of religions, like you have dialects, and if you look at the charts I’ve found you’ll see it’s true.




The Worlds division of religion






World Religion   Dialog

This leads me to my subject of a universal religion or world religion, the religion for this world; however you want to say it.


I’ve entitled it singular “Religion”, not plural, for a reason and that is;


When you really think about it for a moment;

 “Just as we can trace the language groups back to one original tongue historically”, we also must be able to trace “religion in the same manor”, back to one original source “historically”, and this then is what I am attempting to prove by this study, and, will do so!


However, with the entrance of modern theories, has come “a void between”; “reality” (meaning what we know today as “history in the making”) and “history past” (meaning true documented unequivocal history).


“If, in fact, the theory of evolution (still called theory by the way) is deemed true, by popular opinion, or portrayed thus so, as it has, there then can be no single source of anything established!  

Think about it.”


I defy this notion by simple deduction; uncomplicated and easily observed;

 One man + one woman = offspring of mankind.


 The same “exists with all “pro-creating life” around us down to the microscopic[3]”.  A tree does not reproduce with a monkey nor does a dog a rock.  Simple logic tells us, as we observe present history in the making; “like kinds” create “like kinds” and there is little overlap[4] especially when you consider all living things as far back as recorded history can see.


So then, for the sake of this discussion, we will assume; since the beginning of life, as we have documented, the race was formed from one man and one woman.  If this gives you a problem, then you, “of course” can explain to me which came first “the chicken or the egg”, if you can, then we will talk outside of historical documentation? 


Such simple concepts like the chicken or the egg question defies the modern scientific logic; who believe they came form rocks.  Dr. Dino (see ) who tells the story about a woman coming up to him after he had made the statement that evolutionists believe man came form rocks; the woman was super mad and said; “I’m a university professor and we do not believe such a stupid thing like man came form rocks”.  Dr. Dino then said; “ok, where did man come from?” and she said; ‘after the big bang and the earth began to cool down life sprang from the soup of millions of years of rain falling on the primordial rocks…and’…. as she was saying the last part she began to stumble on her own words, for she really does believe man came from the water falling on the rocks creating life spontaneously. 


Now tell me; which belief or faith of mans existence makes more sense; 


I repeat; mankind came from one man and one woman (one belief system - still observed today) or; mankind came from a rock (much more kindred to a cinder “in the big bang scenario” than a rock containing all the diversity of life as we know it today, with its diverse colors, kinds and spirit. (See  “What’s new”).  I’ll leave you to decide which one makes more sense than the other, just from what we observe today or even speculate.


Sure, then the big question that precedes religions history is; where or how did the first man and woman come to be, from what, to have created the first offspring?  There’s the “chicken or the egg” question again, and no one can explain it away, thus it is a stale mate in the end, as to what you want to believe.




Either theory of mans origins takes an equal amount of faith, so both then are religions in that strict sense of “faith” or “belief”, in the end.  I’m saying all this to show you that it is only what we can observe, and what we have recorded that we can use to discover the first religion with any sense of proof, a religion from which, all the others were built upon.




 Not pre-history, what’s that?


Pre-history?  Speculation nothing more!


This is the challenge then of this writing, leaving all the speculation aside, and only putting what we have as hard evidence together to form “one opinion” unarguable, and in this world of everybody communicating, soon this will be the question of questions, since religion is so much a part of our “world order” if you know what I mean?





Haven’t you seen the “Pictures of the Religious fanatics” over there in the womb of religion, in the cradle of faith in God, where the history points, and no other!  [“Especially not Africa what a joke”]. 


Mesopotamia has always been shown historically as the starting point of history.  Forget pre-historic (get that pre-history?) that’s only theory, and we left that behind in our last paragraph.


What if we could discover; through only what evidence “we have been handed”, what if we could discover in fact that all religions spawned (as mankind) from “one source”, and has since only become as diverse as the cultures it represents or produced? 


What a discovery that would be, wouldn’t it?


What if it is true that the historical documentation[5] all started in Mesopotamia? 


But do we first need to settle which came first the chicken or the egg, or likewise; God (gods) verses evolution before we can go on?


I’m going to say one thing right now that’s as true as your going to get in this life, and it will appear as bigoted, but that doesn’t change the facts; 


If you do not believe in religion or God, or even gods, then this discussion is above your head, and in no way relates to any modern scenarios you’ve accepted nor ever will. 


Haven’t you ever wondered why, when someone picks up the theory of evolution and runs with it, they throw history out the window: haven’t you ever wondered why? 


“Religion” my friend it becomes a problem!


You don’t have to go back to far in our recorded history to find out that “everyone was religious”, at one point in time, even the agnostic cultures, and I’m talking cultures.


So, if you can’t stand the facts go back to your dream world and leave me alone to search for my foundations! 


Guess what? 


That’s exactly what your kind is doing, searching for your roots and you know it, but you’re looking under rocks and out into space, and you will never find anything in those places that looks like your grandmother. 


Where, my kind, aren’t looking outside of the gene pool, but are asking our “grandma’s & great great great, grandpa’s grandpa” to tell us about the first man and the first woman, and what it was they handed down to us, and friend, that record exists like it or not. 


If you can’t take it, I’ll say it again, go stick your head in the sand you came from and see if it will tell you a truth, and I’ll bet it will take more than a quad-trillion years for it to talk to you.


How stupid in relative terms are the world’s theories, but wait, “in the same boat is religion”, it's true;  for you see they too have “evolved” into theories, from the first one, into all of them, 1000’s of them, all but “one” and we call them religion?


The whole of religion today does not even resemble in fact the first.  However we can, without a doubt, trace our history back to a source where everyone can say “that’s my past, my roots”.  We will exclaim; “I can believe up to that point”, they say; “but not once we go past that point”, and the prejudice takes over, and then they say: “from that point now is where the real religion has evolved from, and into the one I believe[6]”, and at that point I say; “everyone of you thinks it’s your religion that is the same as the first religion, but your wrong and I can prove it using the ancient and Holy Scriptures alone”.


Who will be satisfied by the results though? 


Very few,


but friends the reality of such proof will leave them with no excuse “not to believe”, if only in their hearts, and thus, in the end, should they reject “Gods religion” they will be left void of true religion, and at this point I’m talking mainly to the “Christian religions right down to the Jews who are the most ancient of believers in this culture”.


You say your charts show China to be the most ancient culture: yes, but that’s in culture terms not in religious terms[7], you must look to the cradle of civilization, the root of all languages, the focal point of history to find religions beginnings, and again, I’m not talking about “out of Africa”; talk about a bunch of nonsense, even the most developed of nations that sprang from that arena are gone, and had it not been for modern (post 1800’s) and the western archeological discoveries (by Japheth’s descendents), they (the old, but lost civilizations) still wouldn’t be able to read the monuments that surround them down there, and many still can’t even right up until today, even the PHDS.  Much like the tribes in the darkest forests of the world, that still exist today, they know nothing except how to survive, and they do it with much pain, but a remnant hangs on.


I do not mean to belittle those folks “of our family of mankind”, in fact, they may be the last ones to survive, but I will say one thing (and what I mean in what I’ve said about them) “they are not the source of past history”, and for one reason alone, “they still can’t even write, and most have forgotten even how to grow food and “they survive directly off the land”, but friends “documentation doesn’t survive” where bare survival makes food the import. 


“What we must do right here at first is determine that we can really only look to the cultures that brought forward the history, by preservation, and did it ‘religiously’ (no pun intended) and we must look away form the theorists, and the ignorant, who give us nothing but darkness both in the past and in the future.”


I will be discussing this ancient stone, engraved 2700 years ago, later.

Look at this corn cob like object, who could read it?  Actually it’s a record; one of the most ancient texts next to the Hebrew, and it was written as a record for posterity, and, it overlaps the Hebrew

in context.  Thus proving both contemporary and religious history existed simultaneously together as far back as 2700 years ago.

Here then are a couple of records of the thousands upon thousands being recovered

daily, as we speak, "from and about our past", and we’ve missed knowing about them,  and it’s because we  have had “our vision off in the future and not in the past” so all of this has escaped us,

up to now anyway!


  Here is another of the millions litterly uncovered from the past!

That proves beyond a shodow of a doubt that the ancient Holy Scriptures as handed down religiously are true and historical documents.


How can we trust history though, for there have been many distorted view points brought forward that have perverted it? 


Good point and well taken. 


I remember the day when publishers did a through check of the accuracy, authenticity, and correctness of anything they were going to put their name on, a prerequisite before they published it, to maintain the truth. 


Today the truth is whatever is expedient to promote an agenda; e.g. one of the nations top TV commentators during the 2004 presidential election, (if you recall; just days prior to the vote he brings out documents that were said to be false, and a month later this icon of the press retires), whether this is true or not, we can talk about the decadent press, and in fact, anyone today can produce a book, as long as it makes the publishers millions, and it doesn’t matter your source, even if its tainted, and they know this is true and so do you.


In other words, it’s all fiction we are heading towards, and if you peruse the shelves of the libraries they are empty of facts and full of fiction; as well as are the electronic encyclopedias which today are mostly opinion (take a serious look sometime).  I trust no source book unless it’s over 150 – 200 years old, and printed before Darwin.


Sure there have been many books created that are factual but don’t count on the publishers today as having guaranteed it, not any more, not for decades actually, and probably this will be the case hence.  So how can we accept something, anything as truth without at least testing it against something “we can prove reputable”?


So where does this leave us then as we attend to pursue our subject of the first religion?


Lets take it in reverse, for a moment, and trace back the origins of all the major religions and “their dates” and this will tell us the story of their roots, and it may surprise you just how relatively young most religions are, and I mean base religions, not the scores of Pentecostals (fastest growing religion in India) and this my friend is a group who have no bases for their religion, “and don’t want any” yet have influenced multi-millions;


As we look at origins of the various religions it is important to not only look at the “major religions” from whom all the others have spawned, but we must look not just at the religion itself “but their doctrines” (by the way Pentecostal for the most part don’t believe in doctrines) and folks in the final analysis, it can only be by the “doctrines” that we find the true religion that can be traced back to the most ancient source.  Their followers have no interest in the past.


>First case to get my point across; 


A religion must have been formed by God or gods to make it a religion all else is creation worship, much like the evolutionists do, that’s their religion even though they deny it.  So our basic premise must be a religion must focus around a god or gods or God.


I believe, and can prove, that the true religion has only one God.


You say; “boy you’re sure bigoted you’ve just eliminated about all religions in that one supposition”. 


It’s more than supposition, it’s logical (and I don’t base true religion on logic either but in this case think about it); if there is more than one god, in any religion, then it’s automatically divided, and so will be the people.  Take Islam for instance; today it is so divided that one offshoot doesn’t accept the other because of the bad rap it’s getting ‘when the radical arm, get this now, is just enforcing the “doctrines of Islam” and that is; “all mankind, innocent, religious or not, other than the Islamic religious should be eliminated”, just read their book’. 


Believe it or not, and so you don’t rake me for denoting one religion over another, the Catholics (a Christian organization) accept it or not, believe the very same thing, and in so doing then justify the Dark age persecutions of 100’s of millions of heretics under the same doctrine, and they will not, can not, recant on this doctrine today, but they hold this fact back from public view, as well as their ignorant faithful (included also in Gods faithful so don’t misquote me), and they also hide it from the worlds view, because it’s not politically convenient, as do the Islamic; that is, until the facts are brought to the surface, if ever.


History tells us that the Muslims can be put right there too, when you look at how Mohammad plundered and killed and felt justified religiously in doing so, just as the others, at one time anyway, so we can only draw one conclusion from the Historical documentation see; ( “Watchman” article, for all the proof you need from the past); and the same goes for any religion that believes in   


More than one (1) god makes for bad blood, and all the heads of the martyrs was the drawing of good blood by the bad blood, and if you can’t see it, or if you won’t see it, then put this book down for it only gets more factual.


You see, I’m not making this stuff up, you can read it in their doctrines if you dig deep enough, and this is why; giving them some credit; this is why the Pentecostals stay away from doctrines, but, when it comes to the ancient scriptures and the need to bleed that doctrine to find true religion this is a problem for them, so the good credit we can give them is canceled out on the other hand.


Oh, now you’re really getting bigoted saying only your bible is the source and all others are wrong.


I say in response to a good challenge; “Lets let the facts add up before we draw any conclusions”; for the ancient scriptures I was in reference to is the old testament, the Hebrew texts, before the big split in religion occurred, when two of the major religions of the world went in different directions, both following the same known God of whom they still claim.


Lets begin then; by looking at the chart of world religions and their origins as they came on the scene of History, and see if that gives us a clue of from where the first religion may have generated from, and if it falls to your scriptures or mine, so be it!  One has to be right and all the others wrong, and there is no middle ground, and I will not concede on that point whether it’s yours or mine, but only one is right – Gods!


If you’re still going to sit on the fence, once we do expose the truth, don’t waste your time going on put this writing down it’s not for you because now it’s going to get deep.                                                                                                                       ~





 Together, for just a moment in time, let us explore, from the Holy Scriptures, just how soon in mankind’s (that’s you and me) how soon in mans history the “Gospel” or the “religion of God” was established, and, to “whom” it was given.



Religious Movement


Lutheranism (1517ad, Martin Luther)
(1727ad, Count Zinendorf)


Taoism              post 1921 bc
(hold for now)
Falun Gong/Falun Dafa


Anglicanism     1534 ad
1647 ad

(1739ad, John Wesley)

Salvation Army
(1865ad, William Booth)


Baptists (1605ad, John Smyth)


Hinduism                1500 bc
Buddhism           536 bc
Jainism                       800 bc
1200 ad
Sikhism                     1500 ad
Ahmadiyya Islam       1839 ad


Subud                         1839 ad


Babi and Baha'i Faiths    1817 ad


Judaism      pre 1921 bc(hold for now)   
Christianity                 0 bc/ad



Rastafarianism           1930 ad


Shinto (multiple gods MG)
Tenrikyo                     600 ad

Korea, North

Juche  (MG)             1628 ad

Korea, South

Ch'ondogyo  1855 ad
Won Buddhism /
Unification Church

Saudi Arabia

Islam Abraham 1921bc/570ad


(1693, Jakob Ammann)



Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism             536 bc

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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Fayette, New York, 1830ad)
Southern Baptist Convention

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Some references to fill in the blanks……


Muhammad 570-632

Buddha 563BC-483BC

Confucious 551-479BC





Today, many religions, no, in fact; “every religion” says they are the true religion, some kill to prove it, some claim to have inherited it, so I’ve come to the conclusion:


 “it is only in recreating how it all began that we can truly establish, from the Holy Scriptures, and the Holy Scriptures alone, which religion truly does match the one God established in the beginning” 


And thus; “still holds true to today” for the Holy Scriptures are our only guide in every matter concerning religion.





Case in point;  Islam or Mohammad'ism claims to be the ends of the beginning “of the same God” of the Jews, and the Christians for that matter, but they claim they are the true branch, but let’s notice some hints that really only take their doctrines back as far as Mohammad notice quotes from Mohammad himself;


"This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion". (Soorah Al-Maa'idah 5:3)

"If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah (God) never will It be accepted of Him" (Soorah Aal'imraan 3:85)

"Abraham was not a Jew nor Christian; but an upright Muslim." (Soorah Aal'imraan 3:67)


Notice this historical analysis I found of the beginnings of Islam;

The first few, who embraced the "new" religion (of Mohammad) in Makkah in the Arabian Peninsula at the hands of the Prophet, were his wife Khadijah, his servant Zaid and his eleven year old cousin Ali. Among the ones who later joined this faith were the honest merchant, Abu Bakr; the iron man of Arabia, Umar the Great; the shy businessman, Uthman; the Prophet's brave uncle Hamza and a slave of a pagan, Bilal. They simply couldn't resist the MAGIC SWORD of a humble and lonely Prophet? The negligible minority of the believers in this new Faith was soon exiled from Makkah and they arrived in the city called Yathreb which later became known as MADINAH. The Muslim emigrants to Madinah brought their SWORD with them. The SWORD continued to work and its magnetic force continued to "pull" people towards it until the whole of Arabia joined the Faith. Compared to the population of the rest of the world at that time, the Arabs constituted a tiny minority. A fraction of this minority decided to take the SWORD beyond the boundaries of the Arabian desert to the mighty Mediterranean, the coast of Malabar and the far away East Indies Islands. People after people continued surrendering to this SWORD and joining the Faith.



What are “you” going to test religion by, you tell me if not the most ancient of scriptures?


The writings of Mohammad 6th century “A.D.?  Or the New Testament Apostles 1st century “A.D.” (Or) the Writings pre-dating father Abraham?


Look again at the dates in the last chart telling us which religion has the oldest roots.  This in its self tells us all we need to know to find our starting point. 


It should make it clear to all of us which history we are going to use to discover Gods true religion, and at this point I’m going to take another leap of faith; to help prove why it is we can only choose “one line of history” to prove the true religion by, at least up to the time of Abraham, and that is; “there is one line of history we are indirectly told to use by the ancient scriptures themselves”.


When I discovered this clue (puzzle piece) I wasn’t sure how it fit, because at that time I was thinking about the language connection and how it tells us where we came from historically, and it wasn’t until I got to this point in “this writing right here” that I discovered, his is where it fits! And “proves which language group carried the sacred history through to today” meaning this is the “one” source for the tongue of God.


What does that mean for the many world religions who claim to speak for God?


We just read that Mohammad claims to have presented the true religion to the world in his time by his writings.  Joseph Bates claims to have done it in His time by his writings.  Buda by his, on and on, and each of them have a following, but look at the chart again and see if you can find the one religion that seems to have overtaken them all as far as being the most influential in the world at least to this point in time[8].


This certainly is not a reason for choosing it as “the one who speaks for God”, just because it’s the biggest one, but it does relate to the scriptures that tell us; just before the Messiah comes back the second time “the gospel will go into all the world as a witness and then the end will come”.


You say your using the Christian Bible now to quote from, and this then friend, is going to be my next leap of faith, for to me, once having seen the clue (once having found the missing puzzle piece) I mentioned above, it is clear to anyone that the ancient scriptures itself “tells us which language group it would be who would carry the tongue of God into all the world”.


I will use then; what is called the old testament scripture in the English speaking translation, but keep in mind all major Scripture was translated from “the original Hebrew or Aramaic” so don’t get disturbed if I don’t read it from the mother script, and after we read what I want you to see you can go to that part in your own translation and read the very same thing so; see if you must agree that scripture is clear as to whom it was told, of the many groups who would make up the worlds population of mankind, that, the “linage of the word” should come to us  “through them”, and friend it’s found right there in the very beginning of all those scriptures.


But first before we read it;


Let me now set the stage for those of you who believe in the great flood, the rest may depart now if you haven’t already, you won’t understand, nor could;


After the flood left mankind a new beginning, all that was left was faith in God, “the God who sent the flood” and this faith was fixed, for those who made it through, for they knew full well “it was God” who sent the flood and He “is” the “one true God”.


However, as man does, in just a short time he began to listen to the spirit of error again and created the great tower of unbelief, as I believe it was, and of course since God was dealing directly in the affairs of man back then he stopped the progression of that evil, but, it was in the way he did it that gives us the clue as to which language group left the Mesopotamian area carrying the sacred language of God,


and to where it spread, and to which world religion it came, and from which world religion it would once again be spread by, and lived by, as a witness to all the world, and then the end would come again, but this time, there will not be allowed sin to ever into the picture ever again, aren’t you glad?


Look closely at the ancient scriptures and see if you can detect which group was to carry the language of God into the future, its stated right back there in the beginning of the sacred scriptures.


I want to add right here, so as to not sound bigoted; just because one named religion has the scripture in hand, and maybe even the truth, does not mean it is automatically going to follow it to perfection and gather the world together as a savior, of course not, look at those who came from the flood how quickly they forgot, or how quickly it became distorted by their actions, and as we go on we will see; “being the custodian of the true faith handed to them by God himself makes no one righteous” for we as our fathers have gone our own way, or the ways of man, which in most cases has been so easily swayed by the claiming prophets “not of God”, and now look at our divisions, when the truth of the matter was told us way back there “who it was who would have the tongue of God and where it would be we can find it – undiluted yes, but maybe not kept”. 


This reality becomes much clearer as we recreate the path of the true religion from Adam to Abraham, so let’s look at that text;


I’m really anxious to finally use it in context to this quest for truth and the true religion.


Genesis 10:1

 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood.


This is our context; next we are given the genealogies which as I said earlier are very important; to not only the faith but also in reconstructing the true religion as it has been handed to us by God himself just look;


I’m going to skip the actual genealogies however right now and go to the end of each of the generations of the sons of Noah as they went out to repopulate the earth, and lets compare them and see if we can see the clue


Of which language group went out with the tongue of God;


Genesis 10:2, 5

 The sons of Japheth……….By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.



 Genesis 10:6, 20

 And the sons of Ham……These are the sons of Ham, after their families, after their tongues, in their countries, and in their nations.


Genesis 10:21,

Unto Shem also…….. These are the sons of Shem, after their families, after their tongues, in their lands, after their nations.


Genesis 10:32

These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.


Did you see it?


After “His tongue” did only one proceed!  So obscure, but so clear.  Now put this together with how history has shown us this played out, and it begins to fit.





But isn’t it odd though when we go to the very next passage, it’s not the descendents of Japheth that the linage of the Messiah is to come through?  But it was the genealogy of Shem, and it was through this blood line we come up to father Abraham!


Which religion cannot accept this as the lineage of mankind from Adam to Abraham?


Why Shem?


When the holy scriptures appear to have been handed to the line of Japheth?


I will get to that later, and it is a fascinating study, but there are many prerequisites so we won’t go there now;


From hence forth we will be relating “the story of religion” from Adam to Abraham; using the ancient scriptures handed to the linage of Japheth; not because of ‘their tongue’ but because it was “His tongue” they preserved (to today), and it would be this linage who would “rightly interpret” the gospel for the end time.  Don’t get shook now, because you will soon see that with all clarity I guarantee it, and remember that makes them corporately responsible but individually independent to choose to “follow” God or not.  Do you see that?  I hope.


This brings up a point that Satan has been able to use to tear down and divide religion by for centuries, even using religion itself to do his dirty work for him, as we can see in the last “case in point”, and that point is “The religion of Adam and Eve”, understand this now, must be the religion of Abraham, and I must add; must also be the religion of God, and I will go out on a limb and say; “it must also be the religion of the last man and the last woman on this earth”, it must be!


Think about it;


If the Creator God placed “life and death” in the keeping of the true religion from the very beginning, as all uphold, and lets say; He (being God) only focused on one point of religion, say like; “killing”, or “having other gods before” them as causing eternal death, then today, that point still means eternal death, and if not, it’s ok by God for us now to kill or have other gods before us?  We know that’s not so, so then get this tremendously big, pregnant point, “God treated mankind no different back there in the beginning than He does now”, and I’ll tell you my friend, if he does, Satan would be the first one to pick up on that and call God unfair, unjust, and, he (Satan) would be absolutely “justified in that call”.


Can’t you see that? 


God must remain “unchanged”, what He set as sin in the Garden of Eden must also be sin today, and He makes that claim about Himself when He said; “I change not sayeth the HaShem”.


If God ever changed in only one point, as many, in fact about all say, to fit the times or their own unique religion, how will he look after all His laws have been completely done away with?  I’ll tell you; “like the radical Islam, looks and has done? 


Why is this the case?


Get this now; “because we want to see him in that image”, or they say, “Ala tells me to kill the innocent because they are heretics”, or they think with “the mind of the secular humanists today” and say; “god is the god of homosexuals, and if he were here now he would ‘now’ allow them to marry or have part in the priesthood”.  They’re saying these things today aren’t they, when the truth from the Holy Scriptures is so clear, and has already shown us what He (God) thinks about those subjects; friends, He threw “out of His presence” the first two he made “with His own hands” what pain do you see there, and it isn’t such a big deal to some? He destroyed two whole cities as a result of those kinds of sins being so prevalent, and father Abraham was there, he knew all about the compromises of mankind, “and he knew the history”. 


In Christianity alone, isn’t it almost prevalent today, when some religions allow homosexual priests to continue on in their perversions, by just moving them on to another perish or hand them the pulpit?  I saw that all my life as coming form a Catholic background?  When some of the oldest religious bodies are saying gay living is accepted as norm.


Hasn’t today, found in one of the largest of religions last stronghold (I say that hopefully) I’ speaking of the good old USA, when we see more than half of government workers “coming out of the closet”, even on the supreme court, if only by simply allowing the openness that prevails today to exist, by supreme court law mind you, and if you think we have not come about full circle to the near fullness of the Sodom and Gomorrah point yet, just give it a little more time[9].


No friend, if God establishes something as a sin in Adams time “it’s still a sin today and will ever be”, and death surrounds sin[10]. 


So as we follow, or trace, the ways of sin we are really establishing “the true religion which stands in its face, defying that some of the religions today who claim they are the true religion, are not following all the truth, for remember, all they need to be guilty of, “corporately now”, is just one deviation from the true, and they are a false religion in Gods sight, remember Lots wife.


Look back at olden Israel and all the times God withdrew from them, and why, get this now, when he withdrew; sometimes they were destroyed man women and children?  I don’t understand that you say, sounds like killing the innocent to me? 


Friends there is a big difference in the judgments of the Ben Laden, and the judgments of God, and you had better learn how to separate good from evil.  There’s a huge gap between killing and righteousness judgment, because, from the very beginning we have known “sin means death”, and even the earth swallowed up victims of sin by Gods judgment, don’t let our long period of mercy fool you friend, sin is just as deplorable in Gods sight today as it was back then and the penalty is just the same “death”.


So, like I said; as we follow the ways of sin, from the beginning of time, we are really establishing the true religion which stands in its face, defying that some of the religions today who claim they are the true, are not following all the truths of God. 

The Law of God has always been the opposite of sin, and while it brings life, sin brings death, and this leads us to our first point in the true religion that Adam and Eve learned about sin and what it causes, and also what obedience to Gods will and ways (His Laws and Commandments) provides.


Deuteronomy 30:19, 20

 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life that both thou and thy seed may live:

That thou mayest love the LORD thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham.                                                                ~




There are prerequisites in order, for us to see the magnitude of the first sin, so I must first set the stage that we fully understand the situation leading to the first sin, and also “the first point that true religion must have and keep” if it is to remain a true religion:


What did Adam believe about God? 


This is so important for us to understand because it sets a principal as it were; for “Faith itself”.  Think about this; “Faith is the keeper of true religion”, for without Faith, without a “belief” in something or someone, like God, any obedience or works asked by that someone, or any god for that matter, would hold no value, and lets face It, we wouldn’t do anything religious unless we first had faith in God.


Let me rephrase that;


to do anything for God we must first believe in God, faith must be there first in order for us to serve Him, and this is the very reason why the atheist doesn’t believe in God, despite the evidence, because they do not want to serve Him, Faith and obedience go hand in hand.


What I mean by that is, say for example;  If the terrorists caught you and threatened to cut off your head, but gave you the chance to renounce your faith by accepting theirs, and in so doing your life would be spared, but you must be honest and be totally willing to join them in their religion and cause.  What would you do?  Could you ever have true faith in their religion?  Come on now, knowing what you know, could you ever?


The same, or the opposite of the same, is, just understood in the account of Adam; if you simply think about it.  So lets see if you can get what I trying to bring out; as far as Faith is concerned and how it relates to works or not, from the first case of this with Adam, the first man (remember the inverted pyramid of human decadency).



Adam was the first created human according to the ancient scriptures, the animals had of course already been created, and after Adam had named all the animals, and after seeing that God had created “male and female” he looked around and observed there was no mate for himself, and, he recognized that everything pro-created after its kind. 


In keeping of course with the whole purpose of His creation of life on this planet God put Adam to sleep. 


Now think about this;


What if someone would have asked Adam, say before he named the animals and made his discovery, and before Eve was created, what if someone would have asked him; “Do you believe God really created all you see around you?” 


What do you think his answer would have been? 


Maybe something like this;


“Well, God told me He had”. 


But friends in today’s way of thinking would that really be any proof at all?  Would it even provide any bases of faith at all, especially for establishing a religion on? 


Like the terrorists bargain….


The atheists would scoff at you and say; “Sure he told you he was the creator, ha, but I’m telling you all those animals, including yourself evolved……” you see they have no faith to build upon”.


Get this now;


What was it that happened though, in Adams case, which changed this dynamic?


HaShem put Adam asleep, and when Adam woke up there was Eve!


Now: “ask Him if he believes God created all that surrounds him, including Eve, and what would his answer be?” 


Could you ever take that faith from him forever? 


Why no,


Adam knew for sure God was the creator, and he passed that on “religiously”, thus, the first point of the true religion would be, if you were to begin to establish a creed (of which I do not believe in) the first point would “absolutely, and unarguably, include; “God is the creator”, an established fact from the very beginning this is the faith.


Yet today, believe it or not, Satan has been able to take that very “first point” as it were of “our Faith”, handed down to us “religiously” from the beginning of “our time” to today, religiously now, I say Satan has been able to destroy this very vital point of faith. 


I know this is going to be  hard to believe without the statistics I’ve seen to back it up, but very few religions today accept a literal 6 day creation as being a fact in truth, and sometimes it’s not obvious on the surface but if you check their bottom line, their hidden creeds, you will see it’s true, or worse yet, they try to hid it, by subduing it, saying;  “Well it took god millions of years to create life, or it took 7 thousand of years to create it after all a day to God equals a thousand years, and they misquote scripture[11].


This brings me to the next point in the faith that Adam and Eve realized, something they also religiously keep, and religiously handed it down as part of “the Faith”, “religiously now” for it is really the first “real religious point” they learned, and not only did they keep it, but it has been passed on to mankind to today, and believe it or not, as derived “a literal part of creation”, just as literal as the trees and man created in 6 literal days, this religious point was also “created”, but as I said about the 6 literal days of creation being rejected today, in this second point of religion, believe it or not, today “even fewer people have faith in it”, in fact the most people and religions today have no faith at all in it’s sacredness.


This also by Satan’s design and I am more amazed by the lack of faith in this one, than I am in the lack of faith in the literal creation, our first point in “the faith of God, Gods true religion”.


After HaShem had finished His work of creating the physical earth and all that’s in it and set in motion pro-creation (big subject see search for “genetic makeup”), after God was through with His creation on the sixth day He added another whole day, a 7th, and get this now “just for religious purposes”!  I said it was the first real religious point in the religion of God to Abraham.


Another day God added to His creation and He set it aside for His creatures and Himself to spend a whole day entirely together, outside of taking care of the work of tending to the earth and animals etc., He consecrated a holy day and set it aside for Holy purposes, and God, mind you, added to the first creation week[12], and He specifically commanded that it be an eternal memorial to His creation, and might I add; “His witness to His creative ability”, to keep “forever” “in our minds” that He was our creator, conclusively, and with every passing week, we would be reminded.


Reminded that it was Him who created the earth and mankind in 6 evenings and mornings, in 6 literal days, thus, He is our God, our creator God, and Him only are we to worship.


Don’t you suddenly see that since we have done away with that weekly memorial, the second point of the true religion, or since we have subdued it by going after other gods worship days, “how quickly we have forgotten that God was our creator”?


You search out history, looking back now, and you will see just when it was we began to forget the very first “religious point”, and subsequently the first point of our handed down true religion and you can also see the results[13].


Friends, obedience to Gods commands, no matter what they are, is something Adam and Eve learned quickly, and that was; “every command of God” is for a purpose, and should not  even be questioned and we can have faith in that?


What happened, when they started listening to and believing the deceiver, and not listening to God, and ate from the tree God commanded them not to eat of, and even told them why? 


Death came upon the earth “and man”, then the tree of eternal life was removed, as well as all the provisions God had made for their sustenance, and what a provision it was, just meditate on that thought for a while and think what it would have been like “the Garden of God”.


That first mistake was tragic and don’t you ever think that Adam and Eve were ever again so thoughtless, “as to even Question God”, much less forget He was their creator, and the author of the 7th day S-Abba-th and He even put “His name” right their in the middle of the name He gave for the 7th day the “S-Abba-th”, this so, “there would always be a connection back to Him and this is it!”


Have we remembered? 


Friends, when He eventually wrote down the terms of the keeping of the S-Abba-th “religiously”, years later on Mt. Sinai, inscribing those words by His own finger right in the middle of His Decalogue, He reminded mankind in “covenant form”, just what obedience to His “covenant” meant, especially when it came to the 4th commandment, and if you read it you will see its interconnected with our first point of Gods true religion, interlaced; not only with our weekly lifestyle but with the creation itself, and, our “Faith” in remembering, that it was Our God who created the universe”,  and we believe it “religiously”.


Or do we?


Or worse; have we disobeyed God and gone after the worship of the day of the sun as all the pagans of Cain’s descendents have done throughout history?


This brings up the 3rd point in the true religion, established by God in the very beginning, and I hope your getting the picture.

The third point deals also with this obedience issue,

and of course how “disobedience leads directly to sin ” and ultimate death, or worse; it leads to separation from the God of S-Abba-th our creator and the Faith of our father Abraham”.


Adam and Eve, despite their expulsion from the Garden and the tree of life, soon began to establish life, not as was planned by God, but they soon learned how; to not only  populate the earth, but care for it as well.  This time however, in much pain and anguish were both accomplished, not like in paradise where God supplied all the needs and their was no death, but now, watching and suffering from their lake of obedience, their lack of trust “or love” for God, in not staying loyal to Him no matter what he commands us to do, the living was hard. 


Now they, and we, know full well what God meant when he gives commandments and that they are always for our good.


God gave a third point in His first true religion, and this point is so dynamic it would require a whole book to understand what all is involved in this command, so I’ll make it short but to the point if I can;


When Adam and Even corporately disobeyed God, and sin and death obviously entered the picture, God promised them a way out so that they could have hope and faith; in that what they had once lost, “if” that is they follow Him and keep His ways forever, if they would keep “His religion as he would establish it to be”, to the faithful then; He would send His son some day to pay the penalty for sin, with His blood as the only sacrifice that could erase the penalty of sin being death, and then, Eden would be restored and sin and Satan, the deceiver, would be eradicated forever, and the tree of life once again accessible to mankind.


He gave them a way of remembering this, much like he gave man the S-Abba-th; in that man was to bring a sacrifice of a Lamb as a burnt offering to God “representing” (foreshadowing) His son who would come someday as a lamb slain for the sacrifice and the removal of sin. 


Someone always asks why a lamb and the blood and fire and all, sounds satanic? 


Mankind lived close to the earth then as we can understand and animals were a part of their life, and because “they didn’t eat them then” it was a very graphic way for them to see the magnitude of sin and what it would require to get it eradicated form the universe, and that was the death of the HaShem, of God himself, so the slain lamb was a perfect way of getting this picture “to the heart”.


Adam was told to take; not just any Lamb but one without blemish, fittingly representing the HaShem who, when He would come as the promised Messiah, who would “live without sin nor blemish of this world” and thus be a fitting sacrifice against sin[14].


Should this Messiah sin his blood would not serve the purpose and mankind would remain without hope until he (mankind) eventually killed himself off, like we are doing today, blemished by the race of Cain. 


I mention Cain specifically for a reason of which you will see as we establish the “3rd point the true religion must have”, and we will discover, as complex as it is, it’s at the bottom line of “faith in HaShem as the savior of the world – mankind - mama” but it is only “made full by our obedience to Him as well”, which will come clear as we go on.


Adam was requested by God to bring the Lamb to sacrifice, both He and His sons; One of his sons did, one didn’t, and God accepted the sacrifice “as commanded” but “rejected the counterfeit” and this caused Cain to loose faith in God, and he went out from Gods family to establish his own religion as it were and you know the rest of the story.


Doesn’t this tell you something, it should?


The points of the true religion must be kept religiously in order for them to save us in the end, when the Messiah does come, and Adam and Eve learned that fully when they found their “one faithful son” dead, from the second act of sin to plague mankind.


True faith in the coming Savior, and not an imposture, is; as vital in religion as much as the first two points are vital in the true religion, and obedience meshes them together in love.


“If you love me keep my commandments” has been the resounding message from the beginning, and He adds; “and I will die for you”.  If not, Mr. Cain, “sin lies at the door to overtake you and deceive you and you will be lost”. 


Moses quotes God in saying, about the Ten Commandments, shortly after He (God) had given them from the Mt. Sinai; I’m paraphrasing now; “If you keep them you will have life, but if not death, choose life, why would ye die?  Today, I place before you (Meaning the Ten Commandments) today I place before you life and death, please choose life”.


Cain’s influence says no, choose my ways, choose my religion, my “worship”; and we go off and follow another god and don’t even know it, but a quick check against the true religion, established in the very beginning, we can test whether our religion is following God or not.


If not, If your religion doesn’t follow the true religion established right back there in the beginning then, run as fast as you can from it.  because it takes a long time for us to alter the way we believe, its just that hard, as with Cain, it was impossible for him to change, and look how close he was from the garden, but he walked away unrepentant from HaShem, the God of S-Abba-th, the creator God, and thus he would reject the Messiah, the only hope for mankind beyond the grave.


What could the next point in the first religion, the true religion be, that Adam and Eve and their descendants discovered and kept as part of their faith, “Gods faith, Gods religion for mankind”?


The Populated world…


Of course Killing is sin, what next?

The next thing we see are the genealogies, of which I stated earlier is the establishment of the line of the true religion, the way through whom would the true religion be taken, and this brings up some very interesting realities.


I have already shown you from the Sacred Scriptures that it was Japheth’s blood line that was, almost prophetically stated, to carry forward the true interpretation of the word of God by carrying foreword “his tongue”, His religion as it were, as established in creation.


Now, looking back we see “through that linage of his (Japheth’s) descendents into Europe, and subsequently to the Americas, has come the hold or Bastian of religious history, which could only have been re-exposed in a land where freedom of religion is paramount, it still remains as the largest unbiased missionary outreach to “the world” to date[15], and always will, because it’s the last foothold of evangelical religion[16]; because the word of God must go to all the world before the end so that every case will have been herd leaving no soul without at least the knowledge of the truth of the true religion among now the 1000’s.


Some will bear the truth, some will walk away, and friends it’s time for a reality check; “we inherited those traits and decisions handed down to us through our own generations; and as a result of the magnitude of the influence of sin, as it escalates to its purpose, and that is to deceive every man and woman, as Cain, away from the true religion even using religion itself to do so, thus our ability to make a decision, when faced with the true religion, has been degraded.


When the sons of Adam and Eve left to establish their generations, the Holy Scriptures tell us almost as if it was prophetically stated, “in what spirit they left” and “what type of nations they established” and to whom it was, they as a populous “would worship”, and, we know, looking back, “the religion they would establish”, or as in the case of one, “which genealogy maintained the true religion”.


Friends it’s black and white, it’s just that simple to see and you don’t need a priest to decipherer it for you.


This may be hard for you to believe but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that my first cousin, born a Catholic with our grandparents born and raised in Belgium, I say it wasn’t until the 1960’s that he was allowed to “read the Bible” for himself!  That’s right, and by that time his religion had thoroughly brainwashed him spiritually, and left him confused, even believing a version of history that never existed, and it wasn’t until he attended a non religious collage that he discovered the “real version of world history”, but friends his lack of Biblical knowledge and a lifetime of delusion, under the power of his religion, didn’t allow that new understanding to reshape his thinking, and he still clings to his native religion, and still has no clue of the true religion of Abraham.


Folks, this is the case for probably 99.9 % of the worlds population that claim some religion.  They till now, have had no exposure to the true religion, given in simple terms right there in the first book of the Sacred scriptures, as handed down to us by the genealogy of the truth bearers, who carried forth the true religion to today, for the entire world, and that includes you and me, no matter where we are on the face of this planet.


Adams generations (the genealogies given in Genesis) are given “for us” to know; “which generation brought forward the true religion, or should I say kept the true religion, as we have proved in fact, and friends it wasn’t Cain’s generation! But, as we are shown, the linage went through the descendents of Seth.


Notice what we are told and see if you don’t agree there is no argument “except outside Holy Scripture” that this is the way it was, and listen, if you can’t use the Holy Scriptures to prove your religion then you have no religion, or if you let someone else other than Gods word tell you how it was, then you have no religion; your just a puppet, and chances are if you don’t take this final call seriously you could be lost forever as if you had never been born. 


I implore you with all the influence I can show you; “choose life, why would you die”, I ask myself that question daily because the influence to give it up is always there, and faith in these days is so illusive, compromised and influenced, that it’s hard for us; not only to change to the truth, but to maintain the truth even having discovered it.


Some have given there lives, having once discovered the truth, but “stood in the face of Cain’s descendents” and they put them to death. 


Some have been killed for their faith because they chose the Holy Scriptures as their guide, and not the traditions of their church, and they were burned at the stake for standing for truth against error when the whole story of “what is truth is right there in the first book of every account of the sacred scriptures”.  Yes maybe they have been clouded by time, and language barriers, as we will see enters into the picture, but not right now, for now; I want us to see what linage, which genealogy the truth, the true religion came through, and as I said it doesn’t take a priest, rabbi or a MD to help us see the truth it’s clear as clear can be, and we can understand it, if we only take the time to do so.


The passages are clear; Adams first son Cain went out and built nations against God. Adams son Seth however went out carrying the name of God and built His nation. So which genealogy do you suppose the true religion came through?


Seth’s lineage leads us up to the flood as the generation of mankind who kept the faith right up to then, and listen that wasn’t so hard; Adam knew Noah’s father “in person” and Methuselah knew everybody even Enoch who God took to heaven, the first known case.


The point is; the truth about God, the faith in God, in His ways, His rules and His will, was known and was kept “religiously” up until the flood, and Noah was a man of righteousness who had complete faith in God.


Lets stop right now and think about what the religion was to that point; How many of the unwritten, as of yet, Ten Commandments did they know to that point?


The first one of course, there was only one God in the linage of the tongue of God and in the generations that called upon His name.  To think other wise would be complete conjecture. 

Now I’m sure Cain’s descendents had many gods of stone, and whatever, and I’m sure they worshiped on different and asunder’ us days other than Gods day, but Gods people worshiped only the Creator God and bowed down to no other, and of course after the first lie that led to the first sin, it was passed down that the name of god was to be held “reverend and Holy and not to be taken in vain as the heathens did, and as so do some nominal preachers who dare to call themselves today names and titles meant only for God.

I’ll dare them call them selves “reverend” only God is to be reverend for only He is “worthy” despite Webster’s definition, check out the Bibles definition some time and you might see what I call a tell tale of the false religions, some even defy the straight forward command not to call anyone Father except God, yet the nominal do!  Clues, clues, clues, and in most of these cases you will find that these people also take Gods name in vain without regard as well.

That’s the first four of the Ten Commandments well known by Adams direct descendents before the flood so what about the last six in the Law?


Honor thy father and mother, was sure followed by their sons “after Seth” or the truth wouldn’t have made it through to Noah, and even His sons listened to him as he gave the command of God to build the boat of faith (they had never seen rain and thus a flood was like fiction to them but they believed the faith and had it as well).


What about killing? 


That goes without saying, why even Cain’s descendents kept that one (i.e. Gen 4:23)


Adultery was what led to the flood if you read gods reason for sending it, stealing was evident when eternal life was lost, and lying was what lead to the first sin.  Coveting Cain’s descendents was what led to the adultery against God and subsequently the first destruction of mankind by God.  They knew all of Gods religious commands establishing His religion among man and they knew them all well, and I’m sure the Spirit of God taught them all, and yes, even to Cain’s descendents.


The Spirit of God taught the “true religion” to all, and still does, whether they would accept it or not.  Some obviously didn’t, but some did, and it was this genealogy that made up the true church and friend no matter how you cut it, that church came through the flood and still exists somewhere in the world today.

The true church may have been in the mind of just one man (Noah) “fully”, before the flood, firm and fixed, but it survived miraculously, and thus was the way of the tongue of God, “the truth”, and the faith of the true religion, just as it has also been passed “religiously” on even to today by way of the faith?     ~



Today let’s explore just how many people on earth, in those days of the flood, do we read had the faith as we have learned it to be?


It appears that when God looked down He saw only Noah still held (still was loyal to) the true faith, the religion as it was in the beginning and passed down to him.


What about his wife his sons and daughters in law?


It appears they “fortunately” were tied to his apron strings and made it through, not like the others who had so mixed with the descendents of Cain that the faith seemed like foolishness, or it conflicted with their religion, or their social status, or what was hip – the state of the art of the day!


So, we see Noah’s sons and their wives made it through the first destruction of the world, but were they carrying the truth with them?


Let’s think about that for a moment; 


Yes, most of the family was loyal to their earthly fathers’ faith, not like most today, but certainly now those who made it through had complete faith in God, especially after seeing everything He (God) had predicted through their father had come true, they of course knew their father had nothing to do with it, that it was a higher power.

So why did their faith seem to fall so fast, as we see them rush right out and build a tower of unbelief?  Their tower of self preservation, “showing their lack of faith in Gods words”, much less his sign given to them in the rainbow?

What was in that tower do you recall?


Items of worship of other gods! 


How could this be?


They saw the real God at work didn’t they?  First hand, so what caused them to loose their faith so soon? 


Lets look at the situation as they came form the ark and see if there are clues, clues that will help us see the distinction of “the true religion” as it progressed into the new world, and also see how sin just as soon began to progress, and isn’t it odd, their first “corporate sin” was “the breaking of the very first commandment of God”, or was it?


As Noah and his family finally left the ark on what had to have been a 121 year nightmare;  having seen first hand the unbelief of the worlds population “chosen to enter the ark of safety” but having refused, how frustrating that must have been for the preacher of righteousness, discounting the hard work of constructing the ark, and then the storm itself, talk about the storm of the century, no one could ever imagine the horror surrounding that event, unless they’ve been lost at sea during an intense raging storm.


Finally the event was over, and the first thing Noah did was to sacrifice a lamb on the alter of faith, in thanksgiving to the creator God, “the God of the elements” and no one doubted at that point, or, did they?


In answer to that last two question marks; we must realize someone on the ark was not totally taken in by this religious fanaticism of the father, someone had to have a seed of doubt that this may have been a natural occurrence, or an act of “their god” of whom they had previously served?


The boat building project may, for a moment in time have taken their mind away from what they had come to believe over the years of creeping compromise’s, compromises  that may have led to their turning away from the true religion and its demands of faith.  Maybe they no longer saw it as the true religion but never told their dad, nor their brothers, how they really believed?


Maybe they were so steeped in the decadence of the age, that after the trauma of the flood and all, they quickly returned mentally to their old self?  Or maybe, just maybe, (please contemplate on this point) maybe, it was the years of following after a false teacher of a different religion, unbeknownst to their father Noah; they were actually paralyzed to change even in the face of the flood?  Or maybe, they had partaken of the perversions that had lead to the overcoming of the world by Gods hands “so much so” that they had become hooked on those sins, held in check, in front of their father, or maybe they had intermarried into a forbidden race and those teachings soon came back and crowded out the true religion form their mind?


So many scenarios can be thought out, but one thing cannot be questioned, and that was, the loyalty of at least two of the sons of Noah “to protect his faith from any perversions of the old world” is evident.


Ham was the first to be seen with the curse of Cain in his mind, and he himself, like Cain, was cut off, and in fact if you look at Hams genealogy it was his descendents, possibly his influence that built the tower of Babel, the tower of unbelief.


Maybe soon his brothers, out of family ties, as with their father Noah, joined in the building project, but not with the placing of the Idols of sin in the tower?  We must think of one possibility, not to discount their unbelief in the word of God, but to “logically” try to get into their minds and see if maybe this building had an honest base at first, but just got out of hand in the end?


You see they had never seen rain before “in their history”, and now that the atmosphere was different with frequent rain storms, some probably fierce, and maybe they just lost enough remembrance of Gods acts, to the point that they thought; “maybe their will come another giant rain, no not a rain to destroy the whole world, but one deep enough that we may need to take some logical precautions”; and this may have been the bases of the original conception, but as always, the false religion begins to play a part, it always does, thus the idols.

What makes it easy for false religions to penetrate the real religion, and eventually overpower it, despite the Great truths of how God deals with sin and false gods, is; “these religions think they are right”, and if even “by force” try to stamp out the belief in God and his descendents who carry the truth religiously, and throughout time these false shepherds have done a good job of scattering the people of the true God, and the true Religion, into dispersion.


What caused it to happen so quickly after the flood was; there was only “one language” then, and communication wasn’t subject to the restrictions as today, so the minds of the bearers of truth could have easily been swayed back then.


Today as we look at this global awakening, or the new world order and the escalation into one language again, if only by virtue of the world wide web, we may very well be approaching a time when the swaying of people on a world bases “with sin” will be possible again[17].


You see sin, is the major cause of the breakdown of the truth, and there are many different and asunder’ us voices out there, all claiming to not only know and uphold the truth and from their slanted perspective telling us what sin is, and what do you suppose would happen if one day they all come under one great falsehood and should come together under one head, one voice, how quickly, as in Noah’s day, will the truth be deceived away from the people, and so would also go the “true religion, as handed down religiously to father Abraham and on to us”.


This is why then we must go back to the beginning “every day” and trace our faith forward, trace the lines of our genealogy through the descendents of God to find, “once again the true religion”, for when the next world destruction comes, “our only safety will be in the truth that stands against sin”.


One genealogy, we need not trace for the true religion is that of Ham (out of Africa – oh yell), unless we are searching for the ways of sin, and it’s sophistications brought forward to today by that race of people, but what about the generations that followed after Japheth and Shem?


This we will take up from the word of God, the history of mankind, and not some speculative documentary with underlying agendas putting it in the category of false prophecies but the Scripture and the scriptures only.


One thing I had missed over the years, before I took up this challenge, was that “God spoke directly to Noah and his sons up to father Abraham”.  Can you imagine hearing the voice of God and yet turn away?  There would have to be a much greater spirit in a person to cause one to go against God in any way after having herd His voice from heaven, but Ham did, whether it was just the spirit of the man that came out or not, he committed an act of grievous sin, and a curse fell upon him and his descendents, and something very tell tale came out of this incident.


Notice and see if you see it;


Genesis 9:25-27

And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.

And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

The very next recording in the Holy Scriptures tells of the descendents of Noah as the three sons divided the races of mankind after “their tongue” and one if you remember after “His tongue” meaning Gods.


In this case we must stop and ask does this mean literally “speech” or does it mean “the carrying forth of the truth or the true religion”?


Well, since this is our subject, and what we are trying to prove; “the true religion” up to the time of Abraham, then we must consider the latter to be true, and I believe the scriptures are giving us a clue in the “His tongue” meaning this is the way “the true interpretation of scriptures would travel “into the world - being the tongue of God”, and through who’s genealogy it came.


There are lots of reasons I know this to be true  looking back, and one of them is this;  If we try to assume that the use of the word tongue in this case means speech then the scripture doesn’t make sense notice;


Genesis 11:1

 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.


Ok, I see that, so does it mean to carry the true interpretation of the gospel into all the world undiluted and rightly interpreted?


Well, lets put some facts together as we trace the scriptures forward in time “looking back of course” as to how they (the scriptures) did come forward in time, and just who it was who held to the scriptures, as well as the genealogy, up to our father Abraham, and listen, there are just three choices and one has already been eliminated;


Ham went forward after “his tongue” and the cities and nations his generations built speak for themselves, Babel being the chief.


Shem's descendents, as we can read, speak not of cities being built, but only that they went east, but they two went after their “own tongue”.


It’s interesting to note, however, when you look at the curse put on Ham notice what you see told about Shem;


Genesis 9:26, 27

 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.


Incidentally; Shem was not the elder son of Noah (10 vs. 21) but yet he appears to be the most dependable, for the other two were to “dwell in his tents”. 


Meaning what?


Why then, we must ask if Shem was the most dependable or the lead person didn’t Shem carry forward the “tongue of God”, Instead of Japheth?


That answer can only be seen in looking back, and we will get to that once we have created the linage to our father Abraham, but there are clues here in these texts, and that’s why I’m alerting you to their existence, texts that have been completely overlooked in the past, or at least as far as I know, and listen, aren’t we in this journey together?  


Learning as we go?


I’m just like a young guide who has seen things, and am putting them together as we go, searching for the true religion of Abraham.


So, by virtue of the genealogies given here what have we seen?


Ham’s generation is cursed to be servants to both Japheth’s descendents and Shem’s descendents.  Even though Japheth carries forward the tongue of God (rightly dividing the word as I’m imposing) yet Shem seems to be the one to be the mentor of the other two, even though he was not the elder as tradition has established?


And these three, according to our religion, brought forward all the nations hence.


Genesis 10:32

 These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.



Remember the graphic:



I don’t agree with the placement of the axis of this graphic and only for one reason

and that is the tower of Babel where the nations, as we know them today, were

really established wasn’t located in the area of the axis shown.  Instead it was in

Southern Iraq a place we are very familiar with these days.



But certainly there is abundant historical proof for the general direction that these descendents of the races moved, as they populated the earth, and the Sacred Scriptures do say “by these three were the nations divided” so in saying “Babel changed things”, I’m not discounting the facts as we know them to be as far as how the descendents of Noah split globally.


So what happened at the tower of Babel that had such a global impact? 


It was there, my friends, the languages of today were introduced, as well as a turning point for the true religion. 


You see paganism began to re-enter society, and had God not cut it short it would have been no time until we were back to the time of Noah “pre-flood” when the end of the world, in Gods terms, had gone far enough.


Some day we will reach that crescendo again; when sin and evil will be so world wide and have spread so deep into all the world that once again it will be time for the end, but this last cycle will end with fire and nothing can quench that once God sets it in motion for it will have a purpose, and that is, to cleanse the “universe from sin once and for all”.


Lets not get so far ahead, for we have a lot of discovery yet to be made coming up to the time of father Abraham, where we are going to stop, and see what the “true religion” was at that point, and what it should be even to today, for God changes not! it’s man that constantly changes, even in the face of seeing first hand Gods work in creation, and especially the flood, which in itself should have been the only catalyst needed to keep the faith alive, to keep the truth alive, to keep man aware of the true religion as established by God and none other.


What have we learned about the “true religion” so far? 


Lets rehearse before we go on encase we’ve already forgotten, for as you can see, that is the way of mankind, even if he’s been given the task of carrying the tongue of God forward, he gets weary quickly and forgets his calling.


Are we like that? 


We read these truths from the Word of God yet turn right around and let someone or some religion even, to take them right away from us. What part then do we personally have in them? Can we even really relate to father Abraham then by so doing?


Or have we gone after some other religion not of God, in a way we may think is true, but in no way resembles the truth as handed down to us in the Holy, Ancient and Sacred Scriptures, being the Word of the God of our Creation?

Of our Sabbath?

Of our true Worship, and the one who knows what Commandments make up eternal life exempt of sin and it is this we are trying to achieve is it not?

For nothing that is connected with sin shall enter into the new, and re-created Garden of God, into the new heavens and the new earth “wherein dwelleth righteousness”; 

No more killing as our deceived brother Cain, no more sexual sin as our brother Ham, no more worshiping other gods or towers of unbelief of faithlessness in God. 

No more cities of ill repute, no more mongrels pillaging and plundering what is not theirs, no more killing of the innocent for there will be no more death, and not one deceived mind, for all who will live there will have accepted “Gods will and ways”, and that, “in their minds and their hearts will they be”, not having been deceived by this religion or that, but saved by “the one” that God established in the very beginning for only it speaks of the Messiah from the very beginning to the last.

All the above is what we have learned so far about the religion of God but there is a lot more we’ve just touched the surface on, like; we could talk about the diet of God which he set in the garden before sin free of the eating of blood, any blood, we could talk more about one of the most important things to God and that is “His worship” not as the heathens have done for ever but the one He set at the end of every week, and in accordance to the heavenly bodies, given to establish days by, all these things He gave as eternal fixtures but man has compromised and substituted and gone his own ways and followed after Cain’s descendents, and doesn’t even know it, the MD’s don’t even know it talk about deception, I just can’t get over it myself how shallow and far from the Holy Scriptures man has deviated.


We could talk about how when one language is once again achieved, when the man of peace who will unite the deceived religions together comes, the end of this age will also be near, some however will notice Gods wisdom, and see why this global awakening will bring more than we really want, and that is, an awakening of the truth, the reinstatement of the ancients history of the Sacred scriptures, the true and “Universal religion” established by God and handed down through His servants to posterity, and learn of the truth and just from looking back and then ahead as we are attempting to do now.


I say when we see peace brethren and unity of religion that’s when we return to one religion as one language again, we are on the brink;


Notice the situation at the tower of Babel and see if wisdom wasn’t talking there;


Genesis 11:5, 6

 And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.



There is something I hope you noticed and that is; after the tower was destroyed by God, to obviously curb the progression of sin, we see that only “one genealogy in the ancestry of the sons of Noah is shown to carry the generations of the linage of “Abraham” forward, and believe it or not, it’s not the one who was carrying forward the tongue of God, in what I see as the ones who would be ‘rightly dividing the word of the sacred scriptures’, which of course is not proven in time for many years beyond Abraham, but there is more than enough evidence for me to make that claim now, and be historically sound.

So we discover that it is then “Shem’s descendents”, “Shem’s genealogy” that leads us to the end of our study with Father Abraham? 

Now we can understand and see why the other two sons of Noah dwelt in his tents up to the time of the tower of Babel.

When we read the history of our past with the descendents of Abraham, and when we first began to read about the experience of Abraham, it appears to be the end of the line for his (Abrahams) generations: for the Holy Scriptures plainly state the woman he married was barren, so who is it that would carry forward the true religion to us?

Here my friend is where the great split of the true religion occurs, and each subsequent religion claims this as their roots, but all of them have gone forward from that point in every direction imaginable, discounting those who had split with God in the very beginning with Cain’s race, of whom we can of course discounting them all together “as carrying forward the tongue of God, the true religion”, which would some day (maybe today) be discovered as the “Universal religion” under the name of God the creator of the universe and the Father of Sabbath, who will once again visit mankind after a long time of silence, but this time friends, not with a flood of water, but instead He has stored up and will kindle the fires of hell, as it is called, to purge the universe of sin.

We so soon forget that as we trace forward the true religion, we are also tracing forward sin, and each prove themselves as realities; for they are at ends with each other, one trying to pull us in one direction one the other, and history my friend shows us clearly, as well as just looking around us at the state of the art;  at the state of the earth itself; physically, or the state of the spiritual condition, the spiritual diversity, the spiritualism that exists in the face of truth, and the true religion as we now know it to have been, and will someday be resurrected “to carry us into eternity” where righteousness will be in the hearts and minds of everyone and not war.

Do you live to war?

Heaven’s not for you then, or your descendents, unless, they break way from you.

Do you live to indulge into the licentiousness of society?

Heaven will never be yours, or your descendents, unless, they break away from you.

Does your religion differ from Gods as we have established in any way shape or form?

Heaven is not for you, you won’t be happy there wrong kind of worship.

Can your religion accept all that we have seen up to now as the truth?

If not “who then is really your god”? 

Not the God of Abraham, and just who is the God of Abraham and his descendents?

It’s easy, it’s traceable, right from the sacred scriptures alone, as we have done, but does your religion agree?

If not friend, you get off here, and can’t go on, for you can have no part in something you’ve been deceived away from, and now, can’t ever see the word of God as truth again, that is unless you break away from the religion that is sending you straight to eternal loss as spelled out clearly in Gods word.

If you can’t go forward in acceptance and in agreement with the word of God and His word alone, not mixing it with some other tongue, then, heaven is not your goal and you may as well set this book down as well as the Holy Scriptures.

We are only going forward until father Abraham dies, but as we do we must take it as truth, just as we did what preceded as, “the Universal religion”.                                ~



Thus Abraham’s wife was barren, she could physically have no children, therefore in all respects Abrahams descendents would stop with him, but God told him his seed would be as the sands of the sea?

Why would God tell a man who was devoted to only one wife (Gods original plan) such a fabrication unless He (God) was going to intervene for religious purposes.

You say I don’t like the way you put that “for religious purposes”,

But friend this study is on the true religion “the Universal religion” and what I’m looking for, and I hope you are too, if you’re still aboard, “is the truth as handed down to us from God Himself and not man”. This my friend is our only hope in regaining life as it was in the garden with direct communication with our Creator and Savior who will bruise the head of the serpent one day and pave the way for us to regain what we, as the descendents of Adam and Eve lost in the beginning.

This means that through the descendents of Abraham will come the Messiah the promised from the beginning, and that is what all the sacrifices were about, but we’ve already forgot about that haven’t we?

Therefore the barrenness of Sarah is like a sign for us, that the genealogy of the promised Messiah must run through “Gods design” and not mans, in miraculous ways! And so it did!

Years pass for father Abraham and yet no son, and now he is about to pass the age of seed bearing himself, and all hope seems lost, and this is where the problem begins “in man taking things into his own hands” and not leaving them in Gods.

If this weren’t the case, the birth of Ishmael by the servant woman of Abraham would be the birth line of the Messiah, and the rightful heir to the promises given to Abraham, of which


We haven’t discussed, but better called the birthright to the nations of the people God, promised our father, to be as the sands of the sea, and a righteous nation at that, following the tongue of God “after his tongue” remember[18]?

But was the first born in this case to be the bearer of the genealogy of the Messiah as was the tradition?

It appeared so, until God paid a personal visit to Abraham and Sarah to confirm the covenant he had made long ago, to send him a miracle child “conceived by God” and not man, through His (Gods) design, and “not mans” and this was to be a sign that it would be “this generation only that would bring forth the Messiah”.

Ishmael found himself and his mother rejected, and Isaac the miracle child to become the inheritor of the promise.

Did this cut Ishmael and his descendents off from salvation?

Why no, but as Cain, who would not yield to Gods design, His ways, His will, His worship, His sacrifices, so went the generations of Ishmael and the history tells us the story.

But to Abraham’s descendents through the Miracle child…well let’s read the promise;

Genesis 18:17-19

And the LORD said, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do;Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him?For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.

As we have been searching for the True Religion , the Religion of God, which should be the universal religion, we have seen the various things that God Himself made a part of that religion and there in that last text as we read about God promising Abraham that he was to be the seed that would spawn the whole of Gods people (as the sands of the sea), no Jews at this time so the promise is to every man woman and child that would ever live forever, I say as we see this promise for even us we see something very important in father Abraham and that is something we have lost in religion today, and we must come back in line with, and even though it should be corporately so, we all know this is a call to the individual the many religions who think they are right will never change so this is a personal call to be like Abraham our seed was in Gods site, and how was that?  We just read it and you missed it, and it relates to everything we have learned about as part of Gods universal religion.

Look at the last paragraph that we read from the Holy Scripture;

Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him?

For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.

How many nations were to follow after Gods religion? “all the nations of the earth” that’s ours and theirs and theirs and this is speaking “Universal” isn’t it?

What was it Abraham had faith in and kept sacred as part of that religion of God, His will His ways for mankind?

He would pass on that “Universal Religion” to his children and their children to their children and on and on. 

What happened?

Somewhere the chain got broken and we must find when and why if we are to rediscover the “Universal Religion of God” we now know did once exist and that division has caused what we see today among the many religions a Babylon condition in all contesting they are the bearers of the true religion but when we take our look back we see differences do we not?

What was that religion in comparison to the ones today?

God spelled it out and you missed it again in the text we just read;

“and they shall keep the way of the LORD”,

And friend those ways are what we have been discovering as we traced the true religion of God from Adam to Abraham.  Can’t you see this is Gods design not mans, but yet you still don’t get it, or are you starting to?

Sure we may be going in a direction opposite to Gods design as we are discovering but nothing says we can’t do an about face, turn around 180 degrees, seek after Gods “Universal religion” again, as we are doing right now, but the big question is; once we have established it what will we do then?  Continue to follow man or turn and follow God?

Abraham, the man promised to spawn the nation of righteousness , the generation that would bring forth the Messiah mind you, went in  the wrong direction just as his father Adam had done, and we wonder why even though we are just the same following after a religion that may very well have been good enough for our forefathers but we are being led to a higher calling, right now, to once again proclaim the Universal religion to the world who have forgotten the way of the LORD, His judgments and His justice.

Abraham failed God yes, and don’t you think God knew he was going to, of course, but the LORD made him the center point of His ‘Universal religion” anyway?

Notice the very first part of the original text we just read;

Genesis 18:17-19

And the LORD said, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do;Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him?For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.

Thus, and for reason of Abraham’s faith, even though faltering at first, like us, we read that through the promised descendents of Abraham, right on down to you and me, one day when we were ready, would come then the truth of God, His Universal religion, and His ways that truly lead to salvation, pure, simple and unequivocal?

The faith of Abraham yes seemed teetering over this birth of a child whose seed would deliver the Messiah of the promise, and yes he (Abraham) had made the faithless mistake of trying to run before God and take things into his own hands, and causing a future nightmare as far as religion is concerned, and world peace, for all eyes are on that land even as we speak.

Despite the lack of Faith in Abraham, God obviously looked into the future and saw great faith now, from Him, and so it was to be as the story unfolds.                                                                                                                    ~





Abraham was to undergo a test, that today we can’t understand, and that was a command by God to sacrifice Isaac as a sacrifice.

Should Abraham pass this test, which was full of symbolisms, he could then be called the Father of the faithful, and so he did.

The symbolism of this act, commanded by God of taking his son Isaac up to the mountain and sacrificing him, did more than just prove the absolute faith of Abraham, it was the graphic illustration, for the true Universal religion, that some day God would allow His Son as a Sacrifice for sin and in that we know there was to be a promised Messiah who would come some day and die for mankind.  Also we can confirm that the sacrifices from Eden to Abraham represented this very predicted event, an event, Adam was hoping I’m sure would happen in His time since it was him who set this all in motion. 

These things we only sketchily see now, become clear as our study goes on, looking back of course in hind sight where the power really is.

What an advantage we have when we pick up the history book and read of our past, that is, the past of those who have kept the faith alive to today, and what do we read as we go on for those who follow after other religions? 

In time Abraham was told to put Ishmael and his mother away, yet that wasn’t the end of Gods blessing for Ishmael, Gods promises were also given to him, which we can read about, however, they were not as the ones given to Isaac and his descendents, and so goes the controversy, and hatred might I add, even to today, even though the issues were settled long ago, as to whom was the promised land given; as his (Isaac’s) descendents were not to be mixed with the descendents of Cain nor the servants “predetermined as established by God” and the faith was passed on.

Genesis 24:1-7

 And Abraham was old, and well stricken in age: and the LORD had blessed Abraham in all things.And Abraham said unto his eldest servant of his house, that ruled over all that he had, Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh:And I will make thee swear by the LORD, the God of heaven, and the God of the earth, that thou shalt not take a wife unto my son of the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I dwell: But thou shalt go unto my country, and to my kindred, and take a wife unto my son Isaac.  And the servant said unto him, Peradventure the woman will not be willing to follow me unto this land: must I needs bring thy son again unto the land from whence thou camest?  And Abraham said unto him, Beware thou that thou bring not my son thither again. The LORD God of heaven, which took me from my father's house, and from the land of my kindred, and which spake unto me, and that sware unto me, saying, Unto thy seed will I give this land; he shall send his angel before thee, and thou shalt take a wife unto my son from thence.

Let’s pause for a moment and think about this; “not mixing with the blood of Cain’s descendents” what is the reason for this?

To understand why, is like understanding another scenario; it was under one language that sin was able to progress so swiftly right; as before the flood, so will it always be, and this so if we are all able to copulate without restraint with each other, Cain’s race would very quickly take dominance over Gods, for sin is that powerful[19], and why it’s common; even today, in many religions, that is the very first creed; “no intermarriage between religions is allowed” and rightly so!

This my friend, along with the one language problem was next in line in causing the destruction of the first world, we didn’t read about that, but we will now, and it will come clear why this is taboo, and we will discover that intermarriage between the races, if they are known, also plays a part naturally.

Noah who also faced a great test, procreated three sons, all from one race or genealogy, we assume at first, from the lineage of Seth.  You can read it for yourself, but one of the three somehow mixed in with the cursed race obviously in some way?  Leaving the other two unmarked; one becoming the bearer of the Gospel, and one the genealogy of the Messiah, which was which?

We know…

Genesis 6:1-2

 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

Take this to mean what you want, but to me it’s clear, it was in the intermarriage, implied, that sin was transmitted, and soon took over.  “Just as after the flood”, and in combination now  with the “one language”, sin did very easily take over, and quickly so, for man was “carrying the knowledge of the past”, “the mistakes” as well as “the universal religion”, and in this case, when it was down to only “one man” possessing the truth, the true religion (Noah was a preacher of the true religion) my title certainly fits here (Universal Religion) get it?  If only one man had it, and only one man was preaching it, it truly was the “Universal religion”. 

Did you catch that earlier?

Or does it just now fit in?

Do you even see it now?

God knows my friend what’s good for mankind.  When he sat man and woman in the Garden of Eden he provided them all they would ever need;

What was to be the diet of God? 

What were to be the ways of God?

He even gave them (mankind implied) the Sabbath as the “Worship of God”, and to them was given the knowledge of God.  This, Noah knew as handed down to him, through only three generations mind you, and all co-existing together, overlapping by virtue of their longevity so it was handed down by “word of mouth” and wasn’t confused, at least in the genealogy of Seth.


You say how could the truth have survived up to that point? 

I can only speculate; that it was their nearness to the perfect mind as created in Adam and eve, minds with full capacity, and with their long life span, we are dealing with a different set of dynamics than we have today, so we can only speculate, but one thing is clear and it was God who said it; “Noah was found righteous in the site of God, and was obviously carrying the truth, the genealogies, the true religion, the Universal religion in his mind, or it would have ended at that point, and we of course know it didn’t, and we all know that which was in Noah’s mind had been given to father Abrahams mind as well, who was “a direct descendant of Noah”, and the named descendents in the linage of the Messiah to come.


[If you notice from the timeline that Noah and Abraham almost interfaced but Shem and Abraham overlapped over many years]

After sin entered the world and the tree of eternal life was removed from mans reach, and the knowledge of sin was made known, and after “the experience of sin” was realized in time. God made man to know His ways, when it comes to righteousness and sin;

Noah down to Abraham saw the results of sin clearly, especially when Noah watched the flood destroy the whole world, and Abraham as he watched the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah burn to the ground with the unquenchable, everlasting, root and branch destroying fire of hell, of which is required to exterminate sin[20], that fire was of Gods kindling not mans, as was the flood: sin is that damaging to eternal life, we have all seen it and read about it; where there is sin there is eternal death, where there is not sin there is life eternal, choose life.

By the time we get to Abraham we know about all there is to know about the sin of Satan and the religion of God, and friend we need not bring it a step forward past the time of Abraham to know anymore; about what constitutes the true religion of God, and what it must look like today, for God never changes!  His mercy may be withheld, or His justice may be immediate, but the ways of sin are well known to the student of the ancient scripture “as are the ways of God”.

When did things change then to create the 1000’s of religions we have today?

That is then, the remaining story beyond Abraham, and each of use see a different perspective from our own slanted religious view point.  But think about it; “this it because we inherited that viewpoint, that we believe the way we do?”

Of course we did! 

It’s only when we are face to face with the truth as handed down to Us as it is “religiously” as it was with Noah and Abraham of whom god spoke directly, but with us of course it comes by studying “personally” as we are now, only this way can we see our error, and the cloud of deceptions we are under also handed to us, as well as “the solutions”, the alternatives through Gods ways and not mans that God hands to us.

Who is willing to change though?


Who is willing to stand on the side of our father Abraham and say; “I know from whom I have come, and those same Holy Scriptures he had faith in, tell me from whence I am going”.


What line my friend have you come through?

It doesn’t matter, for right now, no matter your race, creed or religion, it’s not to late to face the truth and fall in line as our father Abraham did, and he didn’t even know where it was going to led him!

By faith he took hold of the hand of God and followed His lead, and in the end his reward will be given to him accordingly.

What about us? 


Where is our path leading? Towards God, and His mark, or away from the target altogether to be marked by another, and thus miss out on the promised eternity awaiting those who choose God as their Creator, His ways, His will and His worship.


May God give you the courage to pass on in this book to the next page and chapter, and with the same faith as father Abraham, “a faith taken directly from the bible and the
Bible only will we progress”, until we have seen the future for the “Universal Faith” as was in father Abraham, and, which “will be possessed by the last man and woman when the Messiah comes”; of which all those symbols, all of those sacrifices and offerings represent, and why?                                                                                 ~



There is one thing that seals this concept of the “Universal Religion” into the realms of “the true religion of the true God, the God of creation”, and that is;

Throughout the whole of the period we covered, from creation to the time of father Abraham, trying to discover the true religion, up to that point; we find that God spoke directly to mankind from heaven. There were times even when he visited the earth Himself, and this says so much to the real student of the Holy Scriptures, and that is; “God Himself was the author of the true religion every step of the way”.

Let’s think about that logically;

To often we try to think of, or make, those times back then like fairy tales, allegories and not reality, this then is where we get off track and tend to “separate ourselves from them as having a different religion then than we have today”. 

If you check it out however; and ask the right questions of your religious leaders, you will see “this is the state of the art of religion at this point in time, they really believe things are different, and, THEY have made them so[21]” not God.

Evolution has done a lot too, to mix us up into thinking that man has increasingly got more intelligent as time went on, from the ape to the human.  What a joke to the real intelligencia, they know better, it was just the opposite in Gods world and it makes a whole lot more sense; super intelligent to plain stupid.

If your not there, in Gods world incidentally, your no where! 

That’s right, think about it…

“billions of years of darkness behind you and billions of years of darkness ahead of you” and just a tiny 70 + years is all you got, and if that’s not depressing enough let me add; all your religion has taught you about life and consciousness continuing on and on for you, is a lie, based on the history as we have learned it to be from the ancients.

Now if you want to accept the theories of man, over the truth, then it’s up to you of course, but don’t say in “that day when reality hits you in the face” you weren’t told the truth, and rejected it for some lie or some fantastical tale from minds given over to the original lie “you shall not die”, and their doctrines are so sophisticated today they’ve sucked you in, but they are so far from reality it’s not funny, it’s serious, dead serious, and your smarter than that.

Adam knew death as a reality more than anyone will ever know it in this life.  He saw all the earmarks of life eternal, the best of what God has to offer man, and friend he didn’t see it through eyes of ignorance, but with the most intelligent of minds ever produced in our species, the mind of perfection.

Adam wasn’t some dumb ignorant creature equitable with the animals, but had the most keen of minds of any human being, and we have degenerated since, just the very opposite of the most believed lie in the world[22].

Adam had the capacity to understand better than the most intelligent person you have ever seen, and we have seen some very intelligent humans over our few years of existence, or at least have read about them or have seen them on TV.

Adam could put the pieces together better than anyone ever could and friend if you think for a moment in his 900 years of living he didn’t have “full knowledge of the true religion, Gods religion, Gods will for the universe, His ways His Sabbath” then you’re the degenerate Satan wants you to be, and you will pass that ignorance on to your off spring and they too will remain in darkness forever.

Adam knew God first hand, as did most of the men to father Abraham, and they had faith in Him as the great “I am” the One Greatest Reality in mankind, and they passed it on religiously. So to think these men were ignorant, and now today we are the intelligent species is an oxy moron, or at least thinking like a moron, it’s just plain ignorance.

So what is real intelligence today? 

How to create a nuclear bomb that can be used as a hedge for political reasons to control the masses?

How to speculate about the distant past and future by the study of space?

The call of allegiance to rally around the Pope?

We look at the present threats to humankind at the time of this writing; next to Politics and religion mixing and the obvious outcome, “Iran” and “North Korea” both, as intelligent men no doubt, but wish to get back against the USA, “right or wrong” by creating the threat of a missile that is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead clear across the world.  This is modern intelligence?

But you say, we of course in the western world do the same thing with the same terrible weapons for the same reason and we are the intelligenceo in our minds of course

Sure we are, we can’t even keep our laws in tact that made this nation the most revered nation in the world, because of perversions in high places, and look at our arsenal along with the Russians, I’ve herd it said we have the capability of destroying this earth with these weapons how many times over?

How long will it be till some perverted degenerate who has no knowledge of God or good and sees only darkness behind him and darkness ahead of him, but is a super intelligent guru in computers, and has been placed in a position of holding the key for some nation which has the bomb?

Experts don’t speculate anymore on how it could happen, there are too many conceivable scenarios now (including Terrorists), but they do speculate on “when it’s going to happen” for they know “it is going to happen” it’s now just a matter of when, and how prepared we can be when it does.

Friends we cannot not prepare for such an event, it will mark Partial or total destruction of our species, and that’s the one thing you can hand to the “science fiction” it has shown us graphically all the scenarios, and why we should worry, but don’t bother preparing it’s a waste of time, bomb shelters no longer make sense the radiation has a half life of how long?

But lets turn these thoughts around; “there is light at the end of the darkness”, “if”, we will accept it, and that is there is life beyond death and it has been proven by history and the true religion has passed that knowledge on to us.

Will our intelligence get in the way though?

The terrorists say god (Allah) tells them they have a paradise waiting them if they kill the heretics, innocent or not: the major religions of this earth have taught the same and killed millions under the same premise as if they were given the command by God (check it out).

But friend, as best as we have seen in the true religion, there is respect for life, it is the very thing we are trying to get back to, that we once lost, and friend it is only the true religion that leads us there, not these other religions that have no bases, which have only been around for a short time.  Look at the charts again, think about “what generations” were to carry the truth of the true religion through to its ultimate fulfillment, and you will see where you can go to find the truth.

Let me forewarn you; unless you see it through the eyes of Abraham, and those who preceded him, you will see a distorted view.  For most all religions but one have strayed form the fold of God, and as sheep have gone astray, and have left the truth for lies, and it doesn’t take an Adam with the most conscious mind, or a rocket scientist with the most intelligent of minds today, to determine which one religion or religions are teaching the Universal Religion: just test them against what we have learned from the Holy Scriptures and one by one you will see they have all turned back as did their fathers, to another god other than the God of creation, the God of the S-Abba-th.

This writing is an attempt to discover the Universal Religion through the roots of those who have followed the Creator God of the universe;

Can we do it?

Can we find the truth?

If you didn’t see it from the word of God as we have derived, and that word only, you will never see it, and friend if you go ask you preacher, Rabi or Priest why is it we have strayed from the teachings that were known to father Abraham they will tell you their version, and listen to this warning if you’ve herd nothing else; “if it doesn’t stack up against the Holy Scriptures and the Holy scriptures alone” it’s a waste of your time, because there is only one road that leads us to eternal life and that road begins with the literal creation, yes the knowledge thereof, but it progresses mainly “within us” a new way of thinking, and that is like God and not man.

Go back, go back my friend, if only in your mind to how it was at the beginning, to learn how it was in the beginning, and you will see a whole new life, one that will never end, full of love and light, not darkness and despair.

Until we meet again……





Then from Adam to Abraham we see God speaking or interacting directly with mankind which keeps the true religion in tact, but we also see how quickly man tends to forget and goes off and serves other gods, even when God has had to use catastrophic events to bring mankind back in line he forgets.

Have we forgotten already what we have discovered about Gods true religion?

We see also from Adam to Abraham; only a hand full of generations passing down the knowledge of God as compared in today’s terms of 100 years ~ between generations average.  This makes a difference when it comes to passing down the true religion and keeps it in tack.  Making it easy to see why we have lost our way today, as mankind, and gone in 1000’s of different directions

This brings up my final thought before I end this subject and go to my next entitled “from Abraham to Moses”, and that thought is;


“Why do you suppose God used or had man maintain a genealogy?”

The answer is simple if you just think about it; it had to be a “traceable blood line” from Adam to the Messiah leaving forgetful mankind “no doubt as to who the Messiah would be when He would come”.

Come on think about it; without a traceable lineage what proof would there be?  Some mans words claiming to be a prophet of God, yet all the while he speaks of a different history outside of the Biblical record[23]? 


History is history my friend, and even though we would like to change it how could we? 

So when the truth shows us we have fallen into a line of falsehoods, false religion, even when it was handed down to us, as hurting as it may be to know that or lets say at that point of discovery we find out we really are “a descendant of Cain and we know it, and are willing to admit it”, can you imagine how that would feel, when you hear all around you the history telling the story of what your great, great grandfather did and how it has affected you forever?”

It would have one of two effects;

One (1): you would react as Cain and never accept repentance or,

Two (2) you would claim, when you were faced with the truth, “even though I know He (God) may slay me I will follow Him to do His will (Gods will) keep His Sabbath (Gods Holy day not mans) and not listen to the false prophets even if it is my heritage.

I’ll tell your friend God waits with open arms to receive you back into His fold, and if you can’t come in physically but only Spiritually  in this life, because of persecution, but you wish, by the grace of God, you will stay true to His (Gods) Universal Religion, and you would give your life to remain loyal[24], you will be saved, if not Adam and Eve had no hope, Abraham had no hope but we see they did and it was in their loyalty to God they found refuge and the promise of life eternal that would come some day through the promised Messiah.

Sorry to say it’s easier if a person to just go along with their cursed religion even knowing it’s cursed, as Cain, and  then they let that swell in them till they will join about any radical group, and eventually they kill the innocent, just as their fathers did, without remorse or contrition, and they my friend have no hope. 

How quickly this truth can be taken from us when we turn from it, and see all the bitterness which so easily overwhelms the hopelessness maybe of the life we’ve been given to bear.

All the mistakes of our historical past (we all of this world share) are for an example of what to do and what not to do.

Will we see the way and follow it no matter what? 

Or will tomorrow bring business as usual, trapped in indecision, until that still small voice of the Holy Spirit is not consciously herd and “we grieve Him away”?

Oh, He is still there don’t you miss quote me, “it’s just we won’t hear Him any longer, and then we forget Him all together”.

We’ve seen so many examples of how easy it was for man to forget God and the true “Universal religion” and go after the descendents of Cain who served other gods and Idols. We’ve seen Cain’s generations, his pilgrimages, his cities built by his descendents we can easily trace through the genealogies given in the Word of God, and tracked like the rest through the Sacred Scriptures, and the rest is history.

History is mans greatest proof of “form whence he came”, all the rest my friend is speculation. 

Gods linage can be traced historically, while the others speaks of billions of years of time when man created himself in the Pre-historic age (get it “Pre” is the clue) and they make it seem worldwide now it is provable man created himself, as if that were possible (hasn’t been proven scientifically yet after 50 years of trying to spark just the simplest of life) or in religion mind you they teach a kindred doctrine; how man returns in consciousness into other beings, has a bug spoken to you lately?  All these beliefs as sophisticated as they have become are all the same.

In closing I want to exemplify how impossible it could be for any animal, or plant life, and especially an ameba, to think himself into a man, or a bird, or for the spirit of man to render such or for the spirit to exist outside of consciousness and then enter into the mind at will, that is spiritualism, so who was that spirit that entered into the first ameba?

I’m just giving one example of the many scenarios which opens up our mind of how; even if given trillions upon trillions of years for man to have evolved from rocks into the intelligent being “or lack thereof”), or even what we call the intelligence we see in us today, is an impossibility to say the least;

Just recently (21ST Century) scientists have discovered that the porpoise, a sea creature, they have always thought to be highly intelligent, below man of course, but this recent discovery makes you wonder, as do all the discoveries we are seeing now that fool the evolutionary theories, as you will see this one does;

The porpoise, which is an air breathing mammal, as man, travels from the surface of the water down into its depths, where you can go from air temperature to extremely cold water instantly.

According to the dialog I watched; the porpoise had to develop (on it’s own mind you, through time evolutionary time understood to be millions of years) this mammal had to develop many things on its body to be able to withstand this temperature difference without shocking its heart to stop from the extreme temperature.  In time they say (and lots of it) he was able to overcome “by his own mind” the adaptations required for survival.

Now think about this for a moment; who is smarter the porpoise or the human? 

He (the purpose) has adapted to his surroundings, as extreme as they are, yet man “let his fur go, and, now has to put on a fur coat to survive?”

Wait a minute;

Think about all the fuel required to keep man alive form the extreme temperature changes, and the unnatural means it takes to provide it, “just to maintain a mere existence”.

Why didn’t we, the most intelligent of the species (said in a low intelligent sounding voice imitating the chief evolutionists), why didn’t we develop the means to survive the extremes naturally? 

Who knows?

So lets do some reverse theories;

Why didn’t we grow a skin that gets thick say in winter and thin in summer or better yet why did we let our fur go that could have kept us warm in the winter and cool in the summer? 

Why did we decide to split from the “highly intelligent birds” “who can fly”, yet look at all the unnatural means required for us to get into the sky?

Why did we, as the most intelligent of species, decide to give up our gills and cut ourselves off from the massive food reserve found in the sea, yet, and this is a big one, “the water mammals knew better?” (And went back – ha) but the porpoise he knew!

When you just think about these simple minded things, we take for granted, those theories look pretty stupid; to think that an animal could (think himself into evolving into, or having the ability to overcome certain natural restrictions of living on this planet, but man can’t, is this really intellectual thinking?

Of course not and this is what makes the universal theory of evolution actually a religion, and it’s only the influence of this religion on a universal bases that I bring it up for most religions and now I’m talking religious religions have accepted this theory over Gods Sacred word handed down to us, and friend in so doing puts these religions outside of Gods true Universal Religion and if you can’t see it shame on you and lost are you for to deny God is to place another above Him and evolution does this and it give’s us power as mammon but it’s a false power and a deceptive one at that just look around at how in less than 200 years the Creative power of God has been challenged (the very first point in the Universal religion to remind you) and done away with, so those who accept this false prophet will naturally reject God’s universal religion’s first and all important point.

Everything is in balance my friend, just ask the scientists what they are discovering; the earth is just as close as it needs to be from the sun, one more step in either direction and life as we know it could not exist.

As I was compiling this writing a great earthquake took place in the Far East, the scientists say it shook the axis of this earth, and slowed the earth down by a measurable degree.  If we have to many more of these events, all at one time, that delicate balance of nature, that the cycle of life is dependent upon may be disrupted permanently, as we go flying off towards the sun as the twilight zone imagined.

Lets finally face the historical facts; as handed down to us from our father Abraham, and that is; “God built this earth, set it all in motion, and balanced it all out perfectly, from the minuet strings of life, to the infinitesimal of space, as only He could do, and yet, seeing it all, right in front of us, more and more clearly every day as we explore our universe inside and out, yet, we still will not give Him the credit. Sounds like Cain’s descendants to me?

You religious thinking people, thinking you got it altogether because you believe in the Universal God, are just as quick to take “what’s Gods” away from Him as the others, as far as religion is concerned, and He passed His religion down miraculously, by word of mouth at first, from generation to generation, “preserving its sacredness” and yet because of our worship choices in this far distant space from father Abraham, we neglect His will and His “Universal religion”, and because we do it for religious purposes (think about it) because we do it for religious purposes we think it’s ok, God has had to shell out even “catastrophic means” to bring us back in line with “the balanced universe”, so this may be our last chance to realign your selves with the God of the “S-Abba-th” and His religion, as passed down through His linage of which I invite you to come with me and discover.

Till then may Jehovah God, Hashem, be with you as you return to His ark of safety before the flood of sin overwhelms even the elect…..











Article on catholic church accepting evolution







Dedicated to;

The seekers of Truth…

I know you are there…


About the Author

“Moses”, given that name while on a path in the Kanawha forest by a Baker, “cats” was added later at a camp near the Kanawha River, still have the proof on a 43 year old canvas torn from the tent we slept in.

Finding roots in Belgium, and whose grandparents, assumed to have stemmed from the Walloons (still anti-French-not really), yet claims ancestry back to Abraham, through the seed of Japheth, unto the first Adam.

We can all trace our ancestry that far can we not? 

If not what hope is there?

Anyway, for what it’s worth;

“Mosescats” began his evolvement into the world of religion at birth when his mother claims; to have prayed Dailey “he would become what God would have him be”.

Having never achieved this, but still determined, the path has been long and uphill, nothing new under the sun as we all know, as our pasts are all filled with skeletons, they remain closets we must never re-open.

No special highlights however to report, to boost the self image, but only facts that simply happened without any disposition from the receiver, are as follows;

Moses; temple raised, began ministry in my youth, pumped by my best friend, who had the real leadership qualities, however some, if only a few rubbed off, as we became, for a moment in time, youth leaders for the state conference in which we lived (I must add those were the days before finally tuned and organized religion existed, at least in our neck of the woods).

Participated soulfully in the 60’s movements, some bad, some good for the time.  Maintained a rap house where he discovered a dimension of religion, unknown to most of the MDs today; for which affects are still future events to come (ask him about that sometime, but be prepared for a long answer of which he will gladly give).

Traveled with mainstream Gospel music groups, enough at least to see that world, of religions?  Escaped as a babe before being sucked in by that culture.

Was ordained an Elder, and went on to evangelize in his sector of the world (if only by meager attempts) and today has a world ministry, well, “.com” (when the world tunes in...that is, and they do somehow) and presently is attempting to enter into the dialog for a “last day message” to a dieing world.

That’s about me, now what about you?

Where do we go together now, you and me?

Lets explore the “Universal religion” from Abraham to Moses and see what that adds.  You will be amazed as never before, that is, if you love Gods word and seek the truth as I know you do…..


[1] Look at the heading for context.

[2] There has been over the centuries, many people and nations referenced by the sacred scriptures, yet contested by society because they can not be found in the contemporary history.  However many, many of the contested events or nations and many persons, have been shown, by archeological discovery, to have existed, and some just as the scriptures described, stay tuned for the evidence.

[3] One variety of mosquito produces a generation every week (egg to egg) and it has not amalgamated nor been shown to evolve, or has there been shown any indication of reproducing anything but mosquitoes.  Think how many generations it has produced say over the last 4000 years if you can (one mosquito produces how many off springs? 205,000, that’s just one mosquito, not the myriads of the other trillions), after you’ve calculated that number, then I’m sure you can tell me how many stars are in the sky?  This is what I mean by “logical deduction” standing in the face of theory projected so far back it’s unimaginable and a joke if nothing more.

[4] I must add here we do have manipulation of the species of like kind, whether interbreeding or now genetic, called micro, so the fine line is being treaded upon but the source is still known because it still requires a mother whatever to incubate another life, and even if it’s a father with that ability a frog still cant reproduce an alligator in its womb, nor could a rose reproduce a violet.  Amalgamation has and will confuse this natural process, and we are on that anti-diluvium threshold once again.  A real point in time when God said enough is enough.

[5] You can’t throw a ringer in my synopsis by saying there is a lot of distorted history out there so how can you trust any, because I’ve spent the last 30 years discovering the truth and I’m well aware of all out there that’s not true, or at least what I’ve encountered.  You show me some that’s not true post 1900 and I will show you an abundance behind that that is.  You throw the baby out with the bath water, I don’t, for back there is the secrete to eternal life, a life the doubter will never find and you can mark it down as a warning.

[6] That's what Mohammad taught, with me he said begins a new religion and then “he” claims it is the one brought froth from Adam.  Think about that “does it then compare with Adams religion?”  Stick with me and you will see “only in Mohammad’s mind” does it, but friends millions have been swayed by this modern doctrine and the rest are the same if they do not reflect God’s religion.  This is our study to find which religion today truly reflects “Gods religion from Adam to Abraham” and we will find out which one, believe me, and we won’t use some modern claims to prove it by, but just the opposite; the old will prove the current.  How could it be any other way?  Can’t you see that?

[7] I need to condition this one point by a discovery I’m going to tell you about later that has to do with the most ancient religion, and even the Chinese are included in this heritage, just  stick with me to see how true it is.

[8] I admit, and must add here that it may not be long until a religion, one in contradiction to Gods true religion” may surpass the religion the Word describes is the one to carry Gods tongue into the world for posterity.  Satan will triumph in the end in this world, we know, because he will appear to be the angel of light, but at that point every one will have discovered what we are discovering right now, and that is the truth.  Of course in that day when Satan’s power is the strongest; he may sway many (the Scriptures predict the whole world at that time) except those who know the truth.  This then is why the truth is so important, because it is only those who know the truth that wont be deceived by Satan and lost.  Every religion but Gods has already been deceived, are you a part of one?  Stick with me and you will soon know if your religion agrees with Gods, post Abraham, religion or not.  If not flee as fast as you can from it for your under a deception.  People who have been deceived don’t know it unless Gods word brings them out of it.  Gods word, as most all religions claim with their lips, is the final one, but only one follows it to salvation.  This doesn’t mean there are not people in every religion God is calling out right now to take their stand for him “come what may”, and I guarantee God would never ask anyone, nor ever has, to commit suicide for his cause, just the opposite friend.  Suicide is eternal loss no matter how you’ve been deceived into thinking it’s the way of God, it is not.  Life is Gods way, not death, and only He can take it “not us”.

[9] Look at this article from a long time ago and tell me things are not changing (See Appendix article 1). ((article on Presbyterians stand on ))

[10] Ezekiel 18, and this shows you Mr. "Once saved always saved - your wrong”, accept it or reject it but this was taken from the Holy Scriptures so go and argue with God.

[11] This is full of holes I tell you two; the plants and trees were created on the third day but the sun wasn’t created until the next day, if God didn’t use literal days (and do we deny Him that ability) then the plants couldn’t have survived for even a week, and it’s a scientific fact, any child can understand our earth is intensely balanced for all to survive making this 1000 year theory absurd.  The second makes it even more absurd; what did God make on the 7th day?  Well this is our next point so I refer you back to our dialog. For a real eye opener see (read appendix article 2 later ‘’’creation/Sunday’’’).

[12] Do you realize that the Holy Scriptures are the only source for the establishment of the “week” as a division of time as we know it today?  Check it out that’s an enormous discovery if you didn’t know it already, as is the 7th day Sabbath connected to creation.

[13] I must admit that when I first herd about this I was taken back but now almost all religions have followed in pace.  What else would you expect when our kids worldwide are taught that “millions of years ago…..” (see Appendix article 2)

[14] He wouldn’t be a fitting Messiah if He, as David, was a conquer in image, that’s why King David wasn’t allowed to even build the Temple.  The physical must be clean to represent the Spiritual, the true symbolisms must mate.

[15] Certainly the Roman Catholic religion had the largest missionary outreach throughout the Dark Ages but that’s why they were called dark they spread only “their religion” and that by the sword accept their religion or die, no freedom to know whether it was the true religion or not, and this makes the difference, when it comes to spreading the “true religion, unbiased, straight forward from the Bible, and the Bible only not through tradition of which they have built their unique religion.  It’s like saying; I’m telling you’re the truth from my perspective but not the way it truly is.  This isn’t saying the missionary work accomplished for humanitarian needs was not met over those years, but we are talking true religion here! And you must keep in mind during that long period of time from the fall of the Roman Empire to the 1800’s Christianity slipped; many Bible only believers broke away from Roman Catholicism for the very purpose of seeking truth - verses error, so who then is right?  Thus this study, but doesn’t it make sense; “Only Gods religion established by Him from Adam to Abraham is right!”  This is the whole reason for our study, however to prove that it is true that had not the Americas been founded as a land of freedom of religion the Holy scriptures (His tongue) through Japheth’s descendents, the scriptures would not have been circulated globally as they are being done so right now.  Yes I know they contain the Christian Books but they also contain the Ancient scriptures as well.  My point is; you will not read of any religion prior to 1800 distributing scripture on a global bases as do the various religions (including all) who practice under the tolerance of a land of “religious freedom” and this is real missionary work to spread the Gospel or word of God to every land.  And this is still evident when you look at all the other countries.  Just try and share your faith (what ever persuasion) in another country when it conflicts with that countries religion. Oh it’s allowed today in some of the more politically correct countries in a limited manor, but persecution goes on right now because of religious differences and we see it on the news.  People will die for their religion “and” kill those who have a different one than theirs, and you know it, and you see it.  But in America freedom of religion is tolerated at least up unto the present for how long who knows.  The enemy of religion in America is not another religion as yet but “no religion” and maybe that’s because we have to many rights? Still though it is the prime source of getting the scriptures into all the world bar none.  (we of course are concentrating on the scriptures from Adam to Abraham so lets get back on course).

[16] This doesn’t mean that the scriptures of the first faith up to the time of Abraham are not in others hands but are they spreading it worldwide as does evangelism?  The answer is emphatically no of course to its shame along with it comes false Christianity making it null and void in most cases.  The end of the world according to the Scriptures will be a period of no faith not full of faith, so this study may be the last opportunity to reflect back on the true religion of God from Adam to Abraham and who can argue with that despite from where it comes?

[17] That’s the one thing I agreed with Sadam Husain on; who before even his invasion into Kuwait was condemning the western culture in perverting the world with its promiscuousness and none can argue its in our blood; first we perverted the Indians with tobacco and liquor and now the world with our perverted movies which stand in the face of most ancient cultures, which, even though as Sadam, who speak out of both sides of their mouths, there are even today, in most of the old cultures still “conservative ways”, yes sometimes overshadowed by their perverted religions, yet the basic Commandments of God are still remembered.  Our society today, and you have to be blind not to see it, want to rid themselves of those out of date ways which only stand in the way of our self expression, our rights as free agents to live the way we want to live under our own rules, and thus try to enforce them by law or societal changes by osmosis, where every year the TV get’s more an more perverted and yet more and more of the world demands it.  Sin is attractive and we must face it, its only the ancient ways established by God that keep it at bay, but soon it will have it ways and by popular demand if we let it.  Had Sadam been well rounded in all his ways maybe western culture wouldn’t have made its way to his door, but since he had even worse problems he was not able to argue with any authority and thus his society has become vulnerable and we’ve got to face the facts; freedom has its down sides and one is “open sin” which always follows in the cycles of observed history.

[18] This is why I don’t discount Shem in also carrying the knowledge of God forward, and this then makes it obvious to me Japheth’s burden was not necessarily the knowledge of which his descendents would get as a burden till later, but as the bearers of the Holy Scriptures, and history has proven this out for only in the distant Isles of the gentiles today can the Holy Scriptures have freedom to shine into all the world maybe through unclean hands but open for all to understand them and find the knowledge of God.  So the only one left out was the one cursed directly by God and if you look around it’s obvious that generation was and is a the curse portrayed yet, and you had better not leave this part out if your going to quote me, “all are privy to the promise today and the cursed as well as those not cursed have an open door to salvation” and believe it or not the lands where the curse spread are in most cases more open to the Holy Scriptures then the ones who were to be the keepers and the spreaders, so we are all equal when it comes to salvation and always have been.  Get that?  Everyone even Cain could choose to turn around but they don’t friend, they don’t even in the face of truth, just look at you you’ve seen the Abba of the S-Abba-th and yet you won’t turn back to God?  So don’t condemn the man who sacrifices his life to an false god it’s one and the same.  Worship is what it’s all about follow that study through and you will see that what’s important to God and to Satan.  We just have a choice nothing else and that’s the faith, and the works are then who we follow.  Faith without works is dead as well as works without faith is dead, the right faith anyway.  Can’t you see that?  I’m really perplexed.

[19] This then is one of the reasons for the genealogies we see the progression of mankind and the results of the decisions made by even their descendents and how that affected their linage even to today.

[20] This same fire my friend will also be kindled in the end to destroy sin the world over and it will be an eternal fire unquenchable until it has destroyed every root and branch of sin and all that clings to it.  The Gospel stands in the face of sin and that’s why the Universal Religion had to have been known before each of these two catastrophic events as a warning to come out of the ways of sin and escape.  Noah preached 120 years, Abraham begged God to spare any who would choose to come out only 4 made it yet one looked back!  What does this say to us about the magnitude of sin?

[21] Look at the list of the different religions and when they came on the scene and tell me what affected their thinking when they started their religion and you will see if you look deep enough only one conforms to the “Universal Religion” as was in the time of father Abraham, and why?  You tell me that’s what this study is all about, your as much of a participant as I am in finding these answers.  Friend the truth has been seen already the true religion of the creator God was established before the flood for God to be fair.  Yes it’s true, the same judgments placed on them must be in place at the next destruction of this earth and if different than even in Adams time Satan can rise up and call God unfair and we know that not to be.  Don’t we?  Then why do we have today so many different ways of worshiping what we say is the same God?  They haven’t read the book yet from Adam to Abraham and “taken it to heart”, if they do they will see the same religion today holds true “it’s just man who has changed not God” please, please get that it’s the biggest point I can make without sounding like a bigot.

[22] puts two charts together; one “the theory of evolution” on one side and “the reality of the creation” on the other, to compare what they both teach on how the world came to be, and friend, they are directly the opposite of each other.  One is pure logic the other is so illogical it’s not even sensible, and this comes from the best of the minds today?  I wonder what drugs they are doing?  That’s the only explanation other than they “do not want to serve God” and that’s the real “behind the scenes reason” or haven’t you noticed; anyone who accepts “unequivocally” the theory of evolution hates religion?  Why?  As pointed out, they are diametrically opposite of each other, and from each point of view the other makes no sense at all and never can.  That’s why I dismiss that kind of mind, you either have open eyes or closed, and that goes for both sides incidentally:  Because the claimed so called religious people, fully indoctrinated into their religion, have closed eyes also, and only the truth (if accepted by faith) can they be freed from that cultish belief; and be careful of “the pots calling the kettle black” because all religions today have strayed from the “universal religion”, established by God from the time of creation to Abraham, and its all written down for us, and handed down to us religiously, and the only thing that separates it from the others is; “it’s true”, and theirs are not , and get this; “even if they stray in just one point” they are wrong, and you mark it down for eternity, because one day your going to be reminded……..

[23] I hold up Mohammad as an example who claims that all the world from Adam was Muslim.  That’s not what the historical record teaches, no more than the Popes stem from Peter, it’s all re-writing history for their advantage and every religion under examination is guilty if you look deep enough.  How deep do you look?  Have you been deceived by the state of religion today?  You say sure all religions have been compromised, and I say we have just proved it and you missed it.  Go back see how it is your religion matches up with Gods and you will see its true, and friend, why does that surprise you?  It’s Satan’s world and in the end of time he will have deceived nearly all, even the elect, and I see it every day in the news, do you?

[24] I must add here God does not ask us to commit suicide, because suicide is self murder and murder is sin no matter how you count it thus there is no way to ask forgiveness for that sin if you kill yourself and especially if you take others with you.  When we die we are cut off from life and only in the living are we able to ask forgiveness else the Lamb sacrifices had no meaning at all.  You see we are either following Gods plan of salvation or some false Prophets we can’t have both for they are diametrically opposite from each other and you can put them all to the historical test as we have already done and you’ve forgotten so quickly.